Pay Attention

tumblr_mbzsrlL0JE1r4sak0o1_500How many times have you heard someone say, “Pay attention to the signs!”

What does that exactly mean to you and why do many spiritual people try to make it such a big point? Perhaps, the Universe is trying to talk to you, something or someone from above has a message to deliver or is it just your subconscious creeping up in your present mind.

mind-bending-gif-images11Whatever the reason behind it, maybe we should just embrace the unexplainable and rather open up our eyes (and minds) to the signs that surprisingly pop up in our path.

3120391667_1_14_UzWwdzhrWouldn’t it all just be so cool and make sense if we found out that everyone who comes into our lives, every challenge that is put on our plate, and every signal that makes us stop and think is all part of our own destiny.

tumblr_m7rwrocqUY1roalu1o1_500 Pay attention and don’t walk around like a zombie. There is a reason why good and not so good things happen to us. How we approach and what we become through those experiences is what is important.



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