Why April Is Kick Ass

APRILApril is filled with rain showers, flowers, jokes, taxes and much more. It is also just one month closer to the warm and delicious months of summer. Can I get a HELL YES?!

o72brNow that we’ve got that covered, let’s move on to a few things that has me excited to continue this awesome month in high gear! 

1.) Earth Day, April 22nd 

I have not hugged a tree in awhile but I should because Earth Day is celebrated this month. On April 22nd, events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for the place we call home. Did you know it was first celebrated in 1970, and is now celebrated in more than 192 countries each year!

AnimatedEarthcopy2.) Did somebody say COACHELLA?

This weekend kicks off The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival’s annual two-weekend, three-day extravaganza held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. Thousands of music lovers and hipsters flock to get their dose of live performances (and great people watching!).

Chriselle_lim_Coachella_2013_Juicychella_whowhatwear_15-700x472 c01_665792083.) Everything Easter

When I was young chap, my mother would create the most wonderful Easter baskets for my brother, sisters and I. They were topped off with all sorts of treats, candy and colorful trinkets. Each piece of candy was perfectly placed onto the plastic green grass that filled our baskets. I remember how special she made this day and how fun it was of us to search through the house for colorful eggs. Yesterday, my boyfriend asked me if this year we were planning on indulging in our favorite Easter treat – REESE’S PEANUT BUTTER EGGS? That decision is still to be determined since we’ve been so good at cutting sugar out of our diet (maybe he can have just one, HA!).

reeseseastereggspastelbright5Can we talk about the picture below? That is my oldest sister, Jackie and I on Easter Sunday from back in the day? I still hug her this tight (and yes, my side part and pulled up socks are amazing)!

matt jacobi little4.) Flower Power

In some parts of the world towards the end of April, you can start busting out your gardening tools and bring back some color to your yard! Warm-season flowers and vegetable seeds can start to be seeded in well prepared soil so feel free to get your hands dirty! Also, if you are a big fan of cherry blossoms, you will definitely appreciate this month even more as their lovely pink color begins to bloom.

abc_cherry_blossom_branch_nt_130405 cherry-blossoms-in-full-bloom-3204365.) Spring break!

Many high school and college students will be rejoicing because this time of year brings on spring break. For all my younger readers, I know you are LOVING this (BE SAFE!!!).

large2spring-break-booty-shake-gif-46.) Spring fashion!

Need I say more? Goodbye heavy clothing!

elle-daks-spring-2014-rtw-012-de-xln elle-diane-von-furstenberg-spring-2014-rtw-11-de-xln elle-narciso-rodriguez-spring-2014-rtw-04-de-KtbnPS-xlnHappy April darlings.


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