Always An Adventure


It has been one of the best two weeks of the year and I am so thankful for my family, boyfriend, and my fierce work team for making me feel so gosh darn lucky. 
Take a look at my life in pictures from my recent travels across the country.


tumblr_m3ofo9FudP1qdyxtgo1_500My adventure began at the Burbank Airport which started off quite smoothly.

securedownload-18But than there was a big announcement that had a lot of travelers pissed and confused. Who knew that a “computer glitch” would impact ALL the airports in Cali.

laxSo when shit happens – you eat airport sushi (or at least an avocado roll to be on the safe side).

securedownload-19Look at all these angry people. All I could do was stay patient and hope that this crazy computer issue would get resolved – fast! 

securedownload-20After a couple hours of waiting, planes were finally allowed to fly! I was cleared to fly to the land of chain restaurants, sunny skies, and perfect freeways. Next stop, Phoenix! Besides, did I mention I had a baby shower to plan!?

tumblr_mno9xhk3Bz1qbui2xo1_500Whenever I land in Arizona I immediately feel a sense of calm. It is such an easy place to be and the Phoenix airport is one of the best in the country. Also, knowing that I am in the same city as my favorite little niece makes everything better. One of the reasons why I decided to make a pit stop at my old stomping grounds is because my sister Jackie and her hubby are expecting another baby! My mother and I had arranged a little “sprinkle” lunch to celebrate the baby news, and give my sister one last celebration before her life turns into mommy madness. Take a look at my pics of where we hosted the baby shower. The stunning, Hyatt Gainey Ranch Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona was absolutely perfect. Talk about a gorgeous setting, excellent service and damn good food.

securedownload-4 securedownload-6securedownload-18 securedownload-19From gift bags, games, cake, and your own personal baby bib designs, my sister’s baby shower was one very special event. Here are some personal pics from the happy day.

welcome securedownload-6 securedownload-14 securedownload-27 securedownload-21securedownload securedownload-22The next few days my boyfriend and I spent the remainder of our time in Arizona working out, playing with my niece and enjoying the good life (which included a cheat day!). My brother-in-law knows the best restaurants in town so I was super impressed when he took us to POMO ( in downtown Phoenix. It was some of the best pizza we ever had – we can’t wait to go back for more! #foodporn 

securedownload-10securedownload-1 securedownload-9 11.21.26 PMThis picture makes my heart melt.

securedownload-8Like I said, playtime is a must! I never knew I could have so much fun playing princess (or maybe I did!). I love what my sister did to my niece’s room – such a neat way to showcase the alphabet! My boyfriend was particularly happy that Lego’s was on the agenda. He can build one badass looking castle.

securedownload-24 securedownload-12If you don’t know this already, when you hang around a three year old, you learn that there is ALWAYS time for ice cream!

securedownload-4 securedownload-1….and donuts.

securedownload-15But most importantly, you will always find a house full of love.

securedownload-16Like any part of life, there must be balance so after my family filled week, I was off to the center of the world. New York City!

securedownload-26I am currently working on a project in the Big Apple that is going to enlighten some many of you. I promise to share more news later in the year but for now, why don’t we take a picture stroll around the city!

giphyA quick stop in the road while walking to Union Square.

securedownload-23The Meat Packing District – one of my faves!

securedownload-25A pit stop at CHANEL.

securedownload-11Sparkling chandeliers at the Gansevoort Hotel (why just have one when you can have three?!)

securedownload-17More NYC…can you feel the energy?

securedownload-5Dinner at TAO Restaurant. Magical.

securedownload-5My boss loves this spot and the ultra buzzy vibe. I have to agree with him.

securedownload-7A selfie shot of yours truly from inside this fabulous diner.

915419_240858239371925_1270479224_nLast but not least, a candid pic of me heading home to Los Angeles.

matt jacobiHave a great weekend.

God Bless.

For more pics check out my Instagram page!


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