California Dreamin

My first weekend back home in La La Land could not have been any more welcoming, as it involved food, friends, a cute boyfriend, lots of fun and that warm California sun!

securedownload-6These days, a good Friday night in Los Angeles definitely does not have to involve a red carpet, movie premiere or any event that requires a tie. All you really have to do is chill out, get cozy, and enjoy a quiet night with your homies cooking dinner (a little whiskey and wine should also be invited).

securedownload-1 securedownload-2As far as my Saturday night, it was necessary for me to wear something other than my favorite sweatpants as we hit up one of LA’s newest hot spots, Plan Check ( The Plan Check name stems from their first location, which is adjacent to a building and safety department. The owners wanted to create a buzzy architectural vibe in their concept so they blended vintage office elements with industrial decor to make a pretty badass bar atmosphere. What do you think?

IMG_0673__1600WAs far as their food, we all agreed that it was the best burger we had in a long time! Check out what my boyfriend ordered! Yep – that is a fried egg laying right on top of a juicy burger (with bacon!).

securedownload-5Since, I am still in the “healthy eating zone,” I opted for a burger with a lettuce bun (so totally LA…no eye rolling).

securedownload-6Plan Check also serves my favorite beer which I did indulge in! I told ya I can let loose!

securedownload-4After all that eating, laughing and drinking my friends and I decided to call it a night, get up early the next day and hit up ZUMA BEACH!!

securedownload-11If these Malibu pictures don’t put you in a state of zen than I don’t know what will! This is what I call my happy place.

securedownload-8 securedownload-1securedownload-10 securedownload-2Did I mention I ran 5 miles on the beach with my bestie, Emily? Talk about a workout! My legs are killing me today.

securedownload-12Thank God we took a quick break so I could pose.

matt jacobiAnd this sign immediately reminded me that I was back home in LA! HA!

securedownload-9Hope you all had a great weekend too! Never stop dreaming!


The Other Hubby


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