Create Your Own Joy

Last night our friends came over to iron out all the details for our weekend festivities. Wine was obviously needed to complete this task.

Wine GIF  Before everyone arrived, I filled up our house with little pops of color with these gorgeous peonies. 

securedownload-2They make me smile and bring a sense of warmth to any space. 

blossoming-peonyAfter a couple hours drinking wine, we walked over to Pit Fire Pizza to indulge in their hearty and healthy salads. I am obsessed with their chicken-chopped. 

thumb_600To our surprise, the friendly waitress gave each of us our own pieces of clay to mold whatever we wished. Clearly, I had dessert on my mind since I sculpted this beautiful work of art. 

“A Beauty Queen & Her Ice Cream”

securedownloadSpeaking of ice cream, can you believe I took a 10 minute pause from my “diet” to devour this hot chocolate chip cookie concoction?!

securedownload-1Ask me if it was worth it???

So-Do-You-Want-More-Ryan-Gosling_zps22d4af1c yeah-baby-gif-joey-friendsGuuurrllll, it was worth it! Warm chocolate chip cookies are my biggest weakness.

gif_cookiesBy the end of the night, we made great progress and a weekend plan was created!

tumblr_inline_n2fuhnDqv51rqli3p It looks like we are headed off to sunny Palm Springs for some rest and relaxation!

Tired-Snuggly-Cartoon-Kitty-GifWherever you live, whatever you do, take some time to stop and smell the flowers, taste something sweet and enjoy the little things of life.

STRLife is good.


The Other Hubby


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