All Right

I took this picture yesterday while I walking down Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. I love a good stroll. You are able to see so much more than if you were sitting in your car only focused on what is happening in front of you. 


If you were feeling a little analytical, there are so many different messages and symbols that you can pick apart just by staring at that picture. The old pay phone, the faded typewriter, the sticker that tells you to call your parents, to lie, etc.

matt jacobi

Something about it reminds me of when I first moved to Los Angeles by myself almost 10 years ago. Perhaps, I called home a handful of times and acted like everything was ok when it really wasn’t. LA is not the easiest place to live but it has been very good to me. I have always told myself that you must be nice to LA in order for it to be nice to you back. Basically, that means no complaining about the traffic, the parking, the industry people, the cost of living, etc. 

vintage_los_angeles_07-1Regardless of all the obstacles, LA is a place where you can feel free, be yourself, be creative, be inspired and where you can go after your dreams. I call it a no-judgement zone where nothing out of the ordinary is going to surprise anybody. People in LA have seen it all. 

hollywood-walk-of-fame-aboveGoing back to the picture I took yesterday, maybe the message behind it is quite simple. Maybe it is a reminder that when life is challenging, we must to tell ourselves, our loved ones that everything is fine and that tomorrow is another opportunity to be stronger.

 Next time the world around you feels chaotic, go for a walk and pay attention to the signs. Don’t forget that a positive outlook on life is one of the most powerful assets you can have.

Tap into your inner power and tell yourself that you’re doing all right.


The Other Hubby

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