Fried Chicken Friendship


There are all sorts of things that my friend Michelle and I have in common. We both love to travel, hotels, decorating, skincare, bad television, movies made in 1989, themed parties, and home entertaining. The Beatch knows how to set up a mean spread (I’ll give her that). 

micheeleWe also both came to the conclusion that we look 100 times better with longer hair. This picture is of us from four years ago rockin some short styles. #NeverAgain

securedownload-4And here we are at her wedding last year. Can you find us with longer locks?

1378749_10202210348281457_665768546_nSo, after years of being her “Other Hubby,” one thing that we will never cut too short is our mutual love for fried chicken. 

fried-chickenHold up – I am not talking about your standard bucket of fried chicken! I’m talkin – fancy ass fried chicken!!

these_funny_animals_891_34Last night, we made our way back to Plan Check Kitchen & Bar in Los Angeles.

1513735_236572339883277_3833498568897927452_n Do I need to remind you of their burgers?

securedownload-3Now that we got that out of the way, I can move on to their Smokey Fried Chicken. It has been Plan Check‘s most talked about entrée since it was awarded Angeleno magazine’s “Best New Dish” last summer.

securedownload-1After a full week at the gym, I treated myself to this crispy and flavorful delight.

boxing_catHere is how Plan Check‘s very own Ernest Uchimura makes what I call the best fried chicken I ever had.

 To celebrate our fried meal conquest, Michelle and I decided to capture the moment with a food-stuffed-selfie in bed.

securedownload-2Some things never change.

Happy June!


The Other Hubby

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