Curing Mr. Hangover

An Evening out in Los Angeles can be unpredictable. One glass of wine turns into two, two turns into three and three turns into a chocolate croissant.

securedownload-2What can I say, even the finest wine and diner needs to have a moment of inhaling such a buttery treat!

1400188427129The morning after is the hard part.

tumblr_m2f2usBRNY1qbalato1_500Yes, I am referring to that nasty friend is there when you wake up – Mr. Hangover. UGH! Having a hangover is not only the worst feeling, but a reminder of how you wished you would’ve stopped at cocktail number two.

securedownload-6Don’t beat yourself up. A little fun never hurt and as long as you are not creating a pattern of multiple wild nights than you are in the clear. 

phew-gifSo, for all you beautiful people out there that don’t know how to cure that sicky, dizzy, light headed, dry throat, pounding headache type feeling, read my tips on how to kick Mr. Hangover to the curb.

baby-throwing-money-gif#1.) Gatorade

Drinking may cause the body to lose some electrolytes so I suggest pounding down your favorite flavor of Gatorade before you go to bed and after you wake up.

securedownload-6#2) Water

The peeps at the bars say for every one drink of alcohol, should be followed up with one glass of water. Hydrating is your friend and key to preventing that annoying headache and cotton mouth.

cat-yawnroixes2013#3) A Late Night Feast

Now I know why man invented IHOP, Denny’s and 24 hour diners. A hearty meal after hours of alcohol intake, table top dancing and flirty conversations will help your recovery process. SOAK it up!

uaoPGbV#4) Hello Starbucks

After you have pumped a good gallon of water into your body, you are free to have some java. That extra kick of caffeine may help give you a quick burst of energy (or at least enough to get you up from the sofa to grab the remote).

tv-gif-will-nope-lazy-sofa lazy_eater#5) Steam It Out

Take a long hot shower. You will feel like the fountain of youth is pouring over your body.

tumblr_l9qnqmiV6r1qze5g2o1_500 ian-somerhalder-hot-gifs-shower#6) Probiotic Anyone?

Before you pass out, pop a couple probiotics. The friendly bacteria is supposed to help detoxify the body so that you get back to twerking again.

Miley-Cyrus-Cant-Stop-twerking#7) A Banana To The Rescue

The next morning, nosh on a banana or blend one into a light smoothie. Your body will thank you for the dose of potassium.

69842-Gwen-Stefani-Bananas-gif--Pand-AX0l Baby-Endangered-Monkey-and-Banana#8) Lemon, Ginger, Thyme, etc

Various kinds of soothing tea are said to assist in easing aching muscles and settling upset stomachs. Is it time for you to stock up?!

securedownload-4 homer-simpson.jpg#9) Find A Quiet Spot

Try and avoid loud noises or anyone that is going to stress you out. A hangover may also cause your mood to be extra sensitive so keep your phone on silent and don’t plan any early morning gatherings.

securedownload-5#10) Sleep

Enough said.

securedownload-7Happy Weekend.


The Other Hubby

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