Mean Girls & Making Friends

My first weekend back in the City of Angels and I am welcomed by a group of Mean Girls, a couple of nice guys, and endless bottles of wine! 

welcome_back_minionsAfter a celebratory birthday bash for “The Boy-fran,” the next gathering on the weekend itinerary was a picnic in the park. Here in Los Angeles, our picnic’s are a little different from the rest of the country.


They typically involve a mega sized movie screen, a blockbuster film, a celebrity spotting, and a menu of bumper to bumper food trucks.

securedownload-2securedownload-2Mean Girls was the movie that played last night. A film that launched careers of many famous actresses and catchy buzz phrases that would later turn into popular hashtags! 

you can't sit with usgiphy pink fetchWatching this blast from the past got me thinking about the way girls (and guys) interact with each other. Whether you are in high school, college or officially swimming in the adult pond – do you think cliques exist wherever you go??

b39e9415a31e1897_MEAN-GIRLS-02-1.previewNo matter what your age, the feeling of being left out can make you feel like shit. It is hard to not take it personally when you know there is a group of girls talking behind your back or deliberately blocking you from interacting with them. The older that we get in life, the more we realize that any form of bitchiness is not worth it but that does not mean it does not hurt. 

tumblr_mypw4uzkkL1s335yuo1_500In high school, I remember how alone I felt.  During that time, everyone was allowed to leave campus and drive to the nearest Taco Bell, Subway or pizza joint. Although, I did have my own wheels – I did not have any close friends to eat with at lunch. It was a very quiet couple of years for me.

tumblr_n5a3m8dW1n1qjxdmgo1_1280Later on in life, I figured out how to handle cliques and find friends who did not have a judgment button. Trust me, if I can do it – I know you can too!

hunger-games-quotes-23Here are some helpful tools and tips on how to deal with cliques, making friends and learning how to avoid any girl drama.

Mean_girls_gif#1) Be Nice To Everyone

You may think this is a no brainer but can you believe there are plenty of people out there that just don’t know how to be nice? They are the same kind of peeps that will always find something negative to say about anybody. They will always find a flaw in a person that they just meet and thrive on picking them apart. Why? Something about belittling another person makes them feel more powerful. I have found that the best way to deal with a person like this is to simply call them out on it. Ask them flat out why he/she felt the need to say such low blow comments and that their joke was not funny. Always remember that the meanest people in the world are the most insecure.

whos-been-called-a-slut#2) Be Around Like Minded People

One of the many things I have learned to love about my circle of friends is that we are all very different but do have the same morals, life goals, etc. If your current group of friends wreaks of nothing but negativity than perhaps it is time to reinvent your social scene. Take a break, join new activities and meet new people that think and act on your level. Friendship is just another version of a relationship – you need to have the same interests and respect in order for it to work.

my-ppl#3) Invite New People To Your Group

It can be really easy to always gravitate towards your childhood bestie or core group of friends but allow others to join your gang too. It does not have to be an every weekend event but be open to interacting with others (especially if you know they are an outsider).

176#4) Be Good To The Ones You Do Have

I still have to remind myself about this tip! There comes to a point in a friendship where you get so comfortable that you forget to stop and say – thank you, I appreciate you, I am glad we are friends, etc. Friends can turn into family but don’t forget to let them know they are special to you. You don’t have to be a cheese ball about it but do it in your own creative way.

bottle.gif#5) Don’t Forget To Smile

If you are new student, starting a new job or trying to meet  friends, be aware of what type of vibe you are giving off. A negative facial expression like a frown or stern look can give other people the impression that you are not interested in talking. Your first impression should always be approachable.

tumblr_leuhlqMEWh1qdsmoho1_500If you continue to have trouble  with a certain queen bee or clique – do not worry!

tumblr_mtbx7gdoLW1sx2w27o1_400You can always sit with us.

securedownload securedownload-4xo

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