How To Be A Guncle

securedownload-7There are so many powerful words that can describe the presence of a newborn baby. Having a baby is probably one of the top overwhelming feelings of joy and happiness that a person can experience. I honor all the mothers (and dads) out there that are going through a pregnancy or  recently gave birth. I know that your entire life changes. Yes, it can be a challenge adjusting at first but giving life to a beautiful soul is simply amazing.

igfdDX4yqylAToday, my sister and brother in law welcomed their second child, a gorgeous baby girl named Colette Marie.

securedownload-1If there is one thing I know for sure, it is that little girls change the world. When my niece, Natalie Clare was born, my entire thought process shifted into a new direction. I immediately felt a special connection and a strong sense of protection for her. Now that there are two little ladies in our family, I am sure you can imagine how excited I am to be a “Super Guncle!”

securedownload-6Being a “Guncle” or Gay Uncle to two nieces is a big duty. You can’t just be an ordinary uncle who only shows up to  Christmas and birthdays. A true “Guncle” always needs to be available for absolutely ANYTHING. There are lots and lots of gay dads out there who have their own children (through surrogate, adoption, etc) but  having a niece or nephew is a gay man’s first experience to babyhood.

If you are a new mommy and have a gay brother or relative, you better send him my article on how important it is to be a good “Guncle.” 

A “Guncle” will not only play an important role in your child’s life but he will be tremendously influential during and after your pregnancy! Call your gay up now and read him my below tips on how to be a good GUNCLE!

securedownload-2#1) Add Your Baby Shower Input

Even if mommy-to-be already has a host for her baby shower, a good Guncle should always lend his expertise in organizing and planning the perfect party. From designing the centerpieces, creating unique invites to choosing the right location, a Guncle must add his thoughts and colorful suggestions to the special day.

Baby-Shower-DIY-Ideas#2) Help With The Nursery

Thanks to handy sites like Pinterest, there are all sorts of inspirational pictures to help decorate a cute and cozy nursery. A Guncle should already be ahead of the trends and assist mommy out with creating a chic baby room.

Molly-Mesnick-Gray-Chevron-Nursery#3) Give Name Suggestions

A Guncle might be asked to help brainstorm baby names. The key is to think of the parent’s “style” and family history. Do your research and find a variety of names that are different but not too strange.

naming-rights-baby_name#4) Lend A Hand

The first three months after a mother gives birth is quite the shocker. A new baby requires a lot of attention and love. It is the Guncle’s job to stay near by just in case mommy and daddy need any help (and I am not talking about babysitting because that won’t be happening during this time). The baby will be attached to the mother’s boob if she plans to breast feed. The parents will need you to do things like run out to get more diapers, make a meal or vacuum the house. Any help you can give during this time would mean so much to them.

giphy#5) Remember Their Special Events

The older that your niece and nephew gets, the more important it is for a Guncle to be involved. He must always acknowledge special dates (including christenings, first day of school, birthdays, etc).

tumblr_mnj888Jab71s6z99jo1_500#6) Always Carry A Picture

The best kind of Guncle always has a couple framed photos of their nieces and nephews at home. And, if you want to really score some points – your iPhone screen saver will also showcase your precious little joys.

Baby-drinking-gif#7) Use Your Imagination

My niece loves it when I play princess with her. I come up with the most wild stories you can possibly think of. Use your imagination and let your inner princess (or queen) come to life. She will think you are the greatest thing on Earth. The more dramatic and involved you are in your outfit and storyline, the better!!

securedownload-3#8) Be Patient 

Kids go through stages, one minute they have your full attention, the next they don’t (especially during the age of 2 years old). Be understanding that going from a small baby to a toddler is a huge process. You will hear lots of crying at times and a few temper tantrums but that all eventually passes.

308319_10152082714573538_1313993989_n#9) Check In On Mom

Don’t forget to check in on the mom! I always remind myself to ask my sister how she is doing too. It is so easy to jump on FaceTime and only want to see the baby!! Make sure you continue to keep the special bond between you and the parents too. They will definitely appreciate it.

408038_10150575439683538_1604244763_n#10) Always Bring A Gift

Being a Guncle means you get to spoil your little ones ALL THE TIME (even when their parents tell you to stop!). That is your job so enjoy doing it!!


The Other Hubby


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