The World Cup & Team USA

e36780_c71f8f513aee7561cfd06839e696cca0I thought about having a waffle this morning but than I decided to stick with egg whites in honor of today’s game. Perhaps, I am taking my new found love for soccer and The World Cup a little too seriously?

Adidas-Brazuca-1024x682Today is the day that Team USA plays against Belgium.

Passing on that waffle was a good thing.

Yes, I have been known to be a little superstitious which I think is very Italian of me.

matt jacobi 1Wait a minute – no time for selfies, back to Team USA and soccer! I have a little confession to make.

I really don’t know much about the game, the players or the name of the guy that bites (I think he is on a whole other team though). Regardless, I am OK with admitting that I’ve jumped on The World Cup bandwagon. 

Yep, I’ve even tweeted about it which makes me “that guy.”

other hubby twitter

To all my fellow bandwagon members, I think we need to admit to a few things on why we’ve decided to embrace The World Cup. 

Take a look and see if you agree.


#1.) Soccer is much easier to follow than American Football. 


#2.) Holy shit, soccer players are hot!

tumblr_n5uamxcz7N1s65t9oo9_500 760159ac0019cf974fec564e-1#3.) Watching a game is a great reason to throw a party.

danceparty#4.) It makes us feel patriotic.

US5-AP-PhotoJay-LaPrete-1024x620 #5.) Winning is fun. Duh.

gty_us_soccer_kb_140623_16x9_992#6.) We get to spend more time with our spouses.

goggleboxStephAndDom_large#7.) Did somebody say JLO?

jlo-sound-world-cup-1#8.) We love their shoes.

us_world_cup_soccer_team_ap_606#9.) We get to buy a new outfit.

soccer-fans#10.) We don’t need a reason – GOT IT??!!

usatsi_7848706_168380427_lowresNOW, IT IS ALMOST GAME TIME – LET THE PARTY BEGIN! 



The Other Hubby


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