Summer Is Here


Praise the Lord for long weekends and that Southern California weather!


The sun was not the only thing heating up in LA ! Check out all my recent hot spots and highlights from a very sizzling weekend. 

giphy-1#1.) Faded Up For The Fourth

You know I really appreciate a good haircut! I was so happy with my experience at the Public Service Salon in West Hollywood. Hair stylist, Miles, gave me a tight fade and fresh new look! What do you think?

10488646_1491216347780913_1920777894_n#2.) Double Date Night At POT Restaurant

It would not be an adventure if food was not involved, right?? You may know the popular LA based chef, Roy Choi, for his mouth watering Kogi Food Trucks but his latest restaurant, POT (don’t let the name scare ya), located inside The Line Hotel is creating even more of a buzz. From spicy crab soup, ramen noodles, fried rice, crisp potato pancakes to juicy meats, the menu is full of flavorful and well priced Korean dishes. I also really dug the decor and the super cool staff. Make sure you treat yourself to a meal at POT –  your taste buds will be dancing all night!

securedownload securedownload-5 securedownload-4 securedownload-6#3.) Main Street In The Pacific Palisades 

One of the many reasons why California is so flippin awesome is that you can travel 25 minutes away and feel like you are in a whole other world. That is exactly what we did on Friday, we ventured out to the Pacific Palisades neighborhood to take part in all the holiday festivities. I have always been obsessed with the Pacific Palisades. I love the the small town vibe, white picket fences, gorgeous homes, clean streets, green lawns and the fact it is just a mile to the beach. Every 4th of July, the Palisades throws a spectacular firework show at night and a little parade during the day. I am so grateful that we got to be a part of it this year. Check out all the chairs that were lined up early in the morning.

securedownloadBefore the parade got underway, everyone perked up when they saw something high in the sky!!

securedownload-3securedownload-2Let me zoom in for ya!

securedownload-4It’s a paratrooper!

securedownload-5After a safe landing and a roar of cheers, we sat back and enjoyed the rest of the entertainment.

#4.) A Beautiful Beach Day

Later that day, we set up camp at the Will Rogers Beach Park located just down the road from the Palisades. It was such a lovely day with sunny blue skies and a gentle breeze. Here is a peek at some of my pics. Hope you are a fan of neon too!! HA!

10513522_185751434905129_6782964882562205478_n10535111_583813475070951_508380000_n securedownload-2 securedownload-7 securedownload-3#5.) Chillin On The Beach At Night

As the sun went down, we cozied up in our hoodies and blankets and waited for the fireworks to shoot off over the Pacific Ocean.

securedownload-8 securedownload-9#6.) The Best Fireworks Video Ever

Fireworks make me so happy! Last night’s show was cool but this video is INCREDIBLE!! Thanks to YouTube user Jos Stiglingh (and his drone), we can all watch this magical fireworks show up close and personal!

I hope you weekend was as special as mine.

Wishing you a fantastic day!


The Other Hubby

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