Hey Y’all

I have been in Dallas for less than 8 hours and have already fell in love with all the warm Texas charm that appears on every street corner.

securedownload-2Take a look at some of the things that made me feel so welcomed in this sizzling sunny state.

Texas_Heat#1) As soon as I landed, I was greeted with such kindness! I love when people look you in the eye and say thank you.

dolly119#2.) Speaking of some down to Earth friendliness, even the drivers are extra polite (or at least they are told to be).

10561071_259757150887968_973679893_n#3.) Can we talk about the gorgeous scenery and all the GREEN? I am kinda obsessed.

securedownload securedownload-9#4.) And the shopping in the Highland Park area is off the charts. Did somebody say Chanel?

tumblr_lq9a4lMIDn1qemtv3o1_500securedownload-7 securedownload-10#5.) Instead of Hollywood celebs, they have football legends. My Uber driver made it a point to show me where Troy Aikman lives. Clearly, he thought I was into sports. Right?

troyface troyaikmanhouse-584x404#6.) But if there is one thing that Dallas definitely has, it is BEAUTIFUL HOMES! 

securedownload-3 securedownload-4 securedownload-1 securedownload-5#7.) Even the odd looking ones are pretty damn neat!

securedownload-8#8.) Did I mention the food? 

LOBSTER-ROLL-VALET neighborhoodblog_skWell, that is all I got for Y’all! 

I can’t wait to spend another day in this feel-good town!

vector-sheriffCheck back for more tomorrow.


The Other Hubby

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