Last Day In Norway


My last day in Norway is approaching and I am starting to picture sleeping in my own bed in Los Angeles!

tumblr_mf7wisoZqC1qeh76mo1_500_zps5feb62c0Before I bounce back to LaLa Land, I wanted to share with you a few more moments from my time in Oslo. 

norwayrapLast night, I had the pleasure to wine-n-dine at the super fancy hot spot – THEATERCAFEEN – located in the heart of the city. This legendary restaurant has been part of Norwegian cultural history for over a 100 years and is an absolute must for every visitor to Oslo. This Vienna-style café is even featured on the New York Times list of the world’s ten most famous cafés, and has indisputably been the go to spot for many famous faces.

theatercafeen-1 securedownload-5Are you hungry?

10401534_770862006267722_1229594230_n thumb_600 df4fc70430c311e2aaa822000a1fb0dd_7

If you are wondering about the name, that is easy to explain as it sits directly across from Oslo’s National Theatre.

theatercafeenThis stunning landmark had its first performance in 1899 and has since been home to thousands of artistic events. 

securedownload-6securedownload-9Here I am acting like a typical cheese-ball tourist.

securedownload-5 I made my friends strike a pose too. Hey, can you blame us?? This is what American people do when we are overseas! 

securedownload-10After a fabulous Norwegian meal, we strolled the downtown area and captured more beautiful images.

securedownload-410632154_748081048564426_1352641342_nsecuredownload-1securedownload-2securedownload-3Being around such historic structures and experiencing the humbleness of the Norwegian culture has been so refreshing.


I am so thankful to return to the USA with unforgettable picturesque visions of this warm hearted and colorful country. 

Thank you Norway for being so good to me. 


The Other Hubby 

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