The Vitamin IV Drip

After I had physically and mentally landed back home in Los Angeles from a 15 hour day of airports and passports, I was able to digest my magical experience to one of the world’s most beautiful countries. 

norwayFrom mountain hiking, glacier walking, fishing and cycling, Norway is a destination MUST for travelers looking to capture nature at its finest. Its natural beauty is overwhelming with incredible art-like landscapes full of lush trees and clean air.

tumblr_m9uqx5II991r1thfzo6_1280 IMG_3184Let’s all take a deep breath together. Breathe in – Breathe out.

tumblr_m0c970t8KR1rqfhi2o1_500 tumblr_lzj1m0Sn9t1qj73e2o1_500Just thinking about Norway right now puts me back in a state of peace.

tumblr_n0ansmL4dm1qgu3aqo1_500Another thing that puts me in a good mood is a visit to one of my favorite med-spas, Elite Helse

securedownload-6I am obsessed with this place and had to check out the latest in beauty treatments!


The first appointment was for an AWT or Acustic Wave Therapy to my face. AWT are pressure waves that emit pulses and create vibration. Can you believe that this device was originally used for crushing kidney stones and treating joint injuries. Well, in the beauty world – it is known to treat wrinkles, cellulite, scar tissue, stretch marks, sagging skin and more! 


securedownload-4If you are looking to tighten up those arms, ass or jawline, get your buns in for an AWT today! And, I am not talking about these kinds of buns (although, I had a few during my trip).


Next, I had to try out the latest Hollywood (and Oslo) fad, the Vitamin IV Treatment!! Stars such as Madonna, Simon Cowell, Rihanna, Rita Ora, & Cara Delevingne reportedly are on the liquid vitamin bandwagon.

article-2572858-1C07610700000578-559_634x593 Rihanna's vitamin dripThis treatment can all be done on your lunch hour too! Whether you have a hangover, feeling the blues or in the weeds, maybe a dose (or drip) of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is just what you need.

I know I sure did!

securedownload-3So, after a poke in my arm….


And a bag full of this yellow stuff…


securedownload I was feeling SUPER AWESOME! It is hard to describe in words but I walked out of there much more alert! Can’t wait to do it again : )


The Other Hubby

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