Treasure Hunting


It is a little known fact that if you and your boyfriend can get through a day of furniture shopping without fighting than you are really meant to be together. Yes, it is true!! Picking out home furnishings such as sofas, lamps, artwork, and end tables with your other half, may stir up some serious arguments. 

tumblr_mtagz6IQCR1s83ffjo1_500Deciding how to decorate your love nest can be one of the biggest tests to a relationship.


But if you both learn how to compromise, work together, and listen to each other than you will discover how rewarding it is to create a home together.

tumblr_mxws13ngC91rip0x1o1_500One of my favorite television shows is Fixer Upper on HGTV, starring the super talented husband and wife team, Chip and Joanna Gaines. They specialize in finding houses with dreadful designs and renovating them into real estate masterpieces (with lots of charm!).

chip_and_joanna_gainesOne of the many things I love about Joanna’s work is how she blends new furniture items with antique and vintage looking pieces. The mixture of old and new really adds so much  character to a space – plus I love when there is a feeling of history in a room. Take a look at how fabulous she made her own kitchen! It makes me want to bake homemade bread all day (and I don’t even eat carbs!!

home_slide1So after watching a marathon of Fixer Upper and seeing Joanne and Chip create home miracles, I made my boyfriend take me to Venice in search of a new coffee table (“with feeling”). 

383969_10150487417753538_619809932_nVenice is such a unique community, I am obsessed with the casual hippy-gypsy vibe and all the cool shops and restaurants. There are moments when I dream about living in a beach bungalow off Abbot Kinney Blvd and embracing a new style all based around TOM’s shoes.

tumblr_mafd8bCtg61qbn9pco1_1280-1 385947_10150487418763538_1094862008_n-1

Hey! “DONUT judge!” One must always dream – LOL!

securedownload-5 i-see-helvetica-everywhere-helvetia-helvetica-font-blog-design-young-dreamer-flashy-thing-fireworks-gif

If I can’t live in Venice than I can at least bring some of its eclectic elements into our pad in LA. Take a look at some of my pictures from our day of unusual coffee table hunting. 




securedownload-6 securedownload-2

securedownload-10After all that digging, we ended up with these two beauties! 

securedownload-11Hope you like them as much as we do! Next time you are in California, make sure you spend an afternoon in the Venice Beach area.

securedownload-8You never know what may get washed up on shore or what treasures you may find!

venice_scapeHappy Days & Happy Home.


The Other Hubby

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