Moving Away From Home


Have you ever had the urge to just pick up and leave? 

What is stopping you?

gonna-leave-before-i-stab-a-bitchMoving away from home can teach you some big lessons and open up your eyes to new experiences. I encourage everyone to move away from their cozy childhood nest at least once in their life.

tumblr_m9yq1jD2WE1rt0s9to1_500Whether that means going away to college, taking a year off to explore the world, serving in the military, or packing up and moving out of state – saying goodbye will be one of the best decisions you ever made.

tumblr_mr9uof7kc31qk08n1o1_500So, if you are looking to get out of dodge and fly the coop, than be prepared for some of these moments to pop up along the way!

(Side note: You will love every minute)

1.) Learning how to drive that awkward U-Haul truck that you’ve seen on the road all your life.

UHaul-1024x7682.) Memorizing new streets and becoming familiar with the way locals drive. (Every city is different. Come to LA and you will understand).

PDXia_405_Reaction13.) Signing your first lease and feeling like a grown up.

tumblr_inline_mzya4gPl401rlpk9c4.) Decorating exactly the way you want to once and for all.

tumblr_ma6ui4w3g41r84iplo1_r1_5005.) Discovering that Ikea furniture is the fastest way to fill up a room on a low budget.

tumblr_mba0hoDiHF1rdvztso1_5006.) Learning that utility companies don’t mess around when you miss a payment.

im-broke-5-5-27.) Becoming familiar with your favorite food delivery places.

k-bigpic8.) Realizing that eating out all the time gets really expensive.

throwing-money9.) Learning to make dinner out of whatever is in your refrigerator.

tf-1910.) Walking around your new neighborhood and feeling like you made the right decision.

1209100_10152711225103538_1887958992_n11.) Meeting new friends that will always have your back.

10013254_385762538243439_948010157_n12.) Giving FaceTime tours of your new pad to your family back home.

tumblr_me4br2xDIa1qgv57eo1_50013.) Showing your parents that you are independent and happy.

independent independent-woman-beyonce14.) Learning that finding a job is practically a full time job. 

giphy15.) Feeling homesick but remembering it will always be there.

n5201f77d82e2116.) Bumping into your hot neighbor and completely forgetting about being homesick.

tumblr_n3q5pt2ifm1qms9yio1_50017.) Falling in love (yep, it is bound to happen at least 500 times).

IEGFIrk tumblr_nc6aqkvU3O1qdgudso1_50018.) Being inspired to revamp your wardrobe and create a new style.

tumblr_m3psa53hQs1r4la9bo1_r1_50019.) Going home for the holidays the very first time.

tumblr_me9h8waPGQ1rnvwt120.) Having the best visitors come see you!

1476104_10152924310918538_50281569_n21.) Last but not least, acknowledging that you have made it out of your comfort zone and that life is so exciting when you take risks!


The Other Hubby

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