Holiday Dating Cheer

Dating, relationships and boyfriends seem to be on the mind of many of my lady friends these days. Maybe it has something to do with the holiday season slowly approaching which can often test the levels of where a couple stands.


You may know what I’m talking about if you are in the early stages of dating because eventually there has to be a conversation about what the two of you will do over this festive time of the year!

SS-GIF51Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years can be intense settings for a fresh couple as you both probably don’t want to rush into anything or add that awkward pressure. I bet I can guess some of the questions dancing around in your head.

tumblr_n7d1zhrD791smcbm7o1_500Will you bring him home for the holidays?

butter-foodWill he ask you to meet his parents?

tumblr_mntue04m041qasthro1_r1_500What will you buy each other?

girl-surprise-puppy-cutenessWhat do you wear when you meet his family?

bounceIs it too soon to have this conversation?

tumblr_mb0dydfUJA1rq1vxuo1_500Don’t freak out! These thoughts are natural and can actually be very helpful when trying to figure out how you really feel about your new boy toy.

tumblr_mrmb1svRPW1rsjz5lo2_500The first question you need to ask yourself is…

What would you ideal holiday season be like and do you picture you boyfriend being there with you?

tumblr_lz5wgvVEhC1qggykyWhether you have been together for a couple months of six months, take this time to feel out where you are in your relationship. Let your confidence be the gage on your decision.

tumblr_inline_ndgyfnIOpi1swc77dIf you are having any doubt or unsure of what you should do than maybe that is your subconscious mind trying to tell you something.

Is he really the one for you?

ariel-fuck-itOn the other hand, if you are feeling super stoked and dying for your close friends and family to meet your man than it can easily mean it’s time for the big introduction.

tumblr_mn7vjmuTIP1qcm0m3o1_500Show off your new guy!

giphyIf you are teetering back and forth on your emotions than I suggest you bring the “are we spending the holidays together” convo up sooner rather than later.

tumblr_ln9a4zf9pg1qegbkgo1_500If he is weirded out than perhaps it shows you where he is at mentally in the relationship.

Any hesitation or signal that he is not ready to introduce you to mom and dad or spend time with you under the mistletoe may indicate his level of interest.

tumblr_m4dvdcbi5x1qdqdbyo1_500A man will always tell you what he wants (often times by what he does not communicate!). If he is not keen on spending at least one holiday together, or excited to meet your folks, than he is not ready to seriously call you his girlfriend.

tumblr_mwuzgl3V701rk7w2qo1_500My advice – use the holiday time as a “check-in” mark for your new relationship. It will surprisingly show if your dating situation is ready to heat up…

tumblr_mfe9pnyiAf1risa1ro1_500…or melt away.


The Other Hubby


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