Makeover Motivation


Makeovers and makeunders  I know far to well.

1475947_144381202375486_2112985449_nMany of my gal pals have come to me in search of advice on how to create a new look.

clueless-makeover Reinventing your exterior takes a lot more effort than chopping off those long locks and buying a new wardrobe. 

cutting-hair-gifBefore you head off on that shopping spree or trip to the salon, I have a few questions to run by ya! 

riptide-bodyboard-cool-question-mark-126524Why the sudden need to revamp your appearance?

Princess Diaries MakeoverAre you feeling a little blue?

Is your self confidence in the toilet?

Did some asshole deflate your self esteem?

Trying to impress an ex?

Are you bored?

Fuck-This-GIFStop right there!

Your motivation for a makeover should come from a good place. You never want to do something drastic to the way you look when your mind is in a funky spot.

celebrities-shaved-headChange is a beautiful thing, just make sure your transformation is on your terms and nobody else’s.

channing-tatum-you-look-beautiful-todayWhatever your motivation is for your makeover, take a look at these helpful tips to guide you through the process.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-26292-1372194250-31#1.) Don’t cut bangs if you just went through a break-up. It is not your hairs fault that your ex-boyfriend is a loser. Cut out some inspirational ideas from a magazine and show them to your stylist before making the chop.

tumblr_msmbi3JJmD1shabqvo1_500 #2.) Don’t feel like you have to do something radical. A makeover does not need to be so extreme.

Tangled-Disney-Hair-Cut#3.) Highlight your natural features instead of trying to force a high maintenance style.

Nicole-Richie-Thats-Not-Cute-Reaction-Gif#4.) Go through your closet and throw away anything that you have not worn in over a year. You may even find some old treasures!

b6834730-bf65-0131-8ce3-06564e5f884c#5.) When shopping for new clothes, look for classic cuts and colors. What is trendy this minute may be out the next.

Nicki-Minaj-Anaconda-Look#6.) Invest in a sexy, yet universal pair of jeans. You will be amazed how much use you will get out of them.

d385161ffc9effbcc2ae9397a387eda8.jpg#7.) Don’t forget to visit the dentist and whiten your teeth. Your smile is one of your very best accessories.

homer-simpson-scale-and-clean#8.) Retail therapy is only temporary so don’t damage your wallet while trying to solve your problems.

impulse-shopping-gif#9.) Try out a new makeup line, the smallest change can make the biggest difference.

tumblr_mhriu8XGHX1s4pi1po1_500#10.) Start a weekly exercise routine, those happy endorphins could be the answer to your makeover needs.

fitness_girls_looking_to_motivate_and_stimulate_72#11.) Don’t doubt yourself, have fun experimenting with your new look! 

tumblr_inline_mjs3isolmn1qz4rgp#12.) Remember that the more comfortable you feel in your own skin, the happier you will be when you look in the mirror.

6560547#13.) Be inspired by strong women like Sophia Loren!


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