Upgrade Your Home Decor

Home is where the heart but also the place where you are supposed to set express your personality in decor and feel the most zen.


So, if you have not created a comfortable nest for yourself than maybe you should start considering it now.

kenyamoore_zps6e4ffa56The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank while doing it!

tumblr_mgbfbmqg0C1r4c0uyo1_400Check out my top ten tips on how to revamp your humble abode by doing a few simple changes.

target gif#1) Switch Out That Sofa

Say so long to your college futon and upgrade your go to TV hangout spot with a more structured and inviting space. Investing in a decent sofa is something to consider since it is one of the main focal points in your house. A sophisticated sofa will certainly kick your dorm room decor to the curb.

tumblr_mqjvjgkuCN1qmy69ro1_r1_5002#2) Buy New Bedding

Get your mattress off the ground and look into buying an inexpensive frame and new bedding to dress up the place where you close your eyes and get it on. My old boss use to tell me, you have to love your job and love your bed because that is where you spend most of your time. When looking for new bedding, try and choose a comforter that does not have a busy pattern. You want to make a purchase that will stay in style and not look to trendy. Look for classic colors that won’t scare away your future boyfriend and that compliments the rest of your room.

tumblr_mihhp0hapu1rswb5ko1_500#3.) Frame Your Artwork

You would be surprised what a difference a room will look when you hang up framed wall decor. Think of a theme that you want to consistently create throughout your house and find pieces that have the similar elements. You can find great sales online at Etsy, Z Gallerie and Home Goods.

1-marilynmonroe.jpg#4.) Plant Something

If you have an outside space of windowsill that can hold a small pot or two than I suggest you get your green thumb out. Planting flowers or fresh herbs will bring some life and color to your casa!

tumblr_mmh3clBTHM1r19p3ho1_500#5.) Hang Window Coverings

Dazzle up your windows with a simple roll down shade or chic drapes to add some elegance to your interior. You want to make sure they are the right length and fabric so it compliments the scale of your room and furniture.

Purple+drapes+me+in+a+wow+tournament_e2587d_3324164#6.) Add A Rug

I am obsessed with hardwood floors but sometimes they can make a space look to cold. Warm up a popular room in your house by throwing down a fabulous area rug that will drown out that echo along with adding texture and a dash of coziness.

tumblr_mehd4snO9z1rcnkw9o1_500#7.) Declutter 

It may be a little too early for some heavy spring cleaning but do a walk through and toss out any bullshit accessories or crap you have collected over the years. The hoarding look is never cute and can subconsciously make you feel unorganized.

7_7#8.) Paint An Accent Wall

Forget about painting an entire room, simply choose an accent wall to break up some wall space and add some depth! Avoid choosing bold colors for the sides of a room as they will make it feel too narrow but rather softer shades for a more balanced look.

tumblr_n1z7bocXQv1rskpmro2_500#9.) Upgrade Your Dishware

Throwing dinner parties and being a good hostess means you must have proper table settings. There is no need to get all fancy and spend your entire paycheck but you should have enough matching plates and glasses for a small gathering.

Tale-As-Old-As-Time-Plates#10.) Consider the Power of Aromatherapy

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and smelt dog all over the place? Well, I don’t want you to have that same problem. Go to your local Target or Walmart and stock up on air fresheners, plugins or some lovely candles. A happy house always needs to smell clean.


The Other Hubby

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