A Joyful Forecast

A few things I enjoy about living in Los Angeles include the perfect weather (yes, it really is nothing but perfection year round), the anything goes vibe, and the fact that there is ALWAYS something to do.

tumblr_n4lukn9oxv1r4l2rao1_500I know hearing about LA’s cool climate is really annoying to the rest of the country but when I tell you how much we pay in rent – you will understand why we totally deserve it.

funny-weather-map dalmationBesides, most Angelenos are grateful for the settle turn of the seasons even though our palm trees don’t change colors. We do however look forward to the fall weather as that means we can wear extra long scarves with our t-shirts and trendy beanies with our fashionable knee high riding boots.

e99e8492d93e0e517ec71cff4c332663 IMG_1192We also embrace the holidays that come around this season like the city of West Hollywood’s yearly Halloween extravaganza! If you were in town on Friday night than you were probably 1 of the 500,000 people that attended the biggest and most popular costume bash in the country. 

Halloween-Crowd-GreenOr at least tweeted about the strangely rare but much needed rain fall that evening!!

matt jacobi tweet

What did not fall short this weekend was my birthday celebration. All my friends and family certainly made me feel like a million bucks. From Philly, Chicago, Phoenix and around the world, I was so touched by all the sweet messages.

10727359_715105395245315_1829128791_n10747795_714935055264456_1060537724_n10735330_295003290707722_1871453842_nFullSizeRender-29I must give a huge shout out to my hunky boyfriend who made it exceptionally special. I love you Nick!

FullSizeRender-29 copy 2To end my b-day spree, our usual party people helped us close the weekend by cheering on Arizona State against Utah.

sun devil

Go Sun Devils!

asu-cheer-11-23-12If you can’t tell from the picture below, some of us were in the mood for an impromptu photo-shoot, while others (aka our buddy, Criss) just wanted to watch the game.

10748433_753784414657383_725795477_nThankfully, we were ALL smiles after ASU won in overtime!


And as the clock struck midnight, there was someone else who was on her very own winning streak. My older sister and Irish Twin, Jackie, was ringing in her birthday too! With just 11 months between us, she is my  very best friend and one of  many fabulous women who inspired me to create this blog.

10735405_535449456589686_1256850301_nSo, I guess you can say the last week of October was full of lots of happy memories!


Why don’t we all welcome the month of November with open hearts and joyful minds as I heard the national forecast is calling for showers of blessings and evergreen dreams.


10514073_542477285896268_655399957_nHave a great week!!


The Other Hubby

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