Before Turning 35

10 Things To Think About Before Turning 35

635347680761725242tryingtothink1.) Have You Accomplished At Least One Of Your Career Goals?

tumblr_m1s38pFw5L1r777xho1_500tumblr_lo2fr7w5rV1qfl8usRachaelwork2.) Have You Loved & Been Loved?

tangled-i-think-he-likes-metumblr_ljr5hkLi2J1qzhvg4o1_5008575543.) Have You Traveled Abroad?

anigif_enhanced-buzz-835-1381203939-4 5327644467_5687018470_z4.) Have You Maintained Solid Friendships?

tumblr_lq1eo1dn8v1qeyz5jFullSizeRender-32large 10419455_261665170647088_3679568775644496567_n5.) Have You Learned What It Really Means To Be Grateful?

tumblr_m8cjpjAWht1rch835o1_500 905428_orig6.) Have You Given Back, Volunteered, Or Inspired Another Person?

share-googleplus 200_s only-child-problems-sharing7.) Do You Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin?

7659434 Jared-Padalecki-Sam-Winchester-Supernatural-GIF-Happy-Birthday-I-Feel-Good tumblr_mu7gubYgz71rtf73io2_5008.) Do You Work On Staying Healthy?

4d6754261f3e2bd3c97c6421563bb731 tumblr_inline_mo37q4KDwb1qz4rgp EATplate9.) Have You Stopped Repeating The Same Mistakes From Your Past?

tumblr_lm6uw6YofB1qcgfgitired-gif-510.) Are You Living Your Very Best Life? If Not, How Are You Going To Change That? START NOW!!!

background-image-color-happy-life-quote-text-favim-com-96302 Joy4423307_226642807433091_727075497_nxo

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