Good Taylor Tunes

taylor-swift-1989-album-targetI was never a huge Taylor Swift fan until I listened to her recently released album…1989.


It is so good.

Like really good.

tumblr_nb39847FwJ1tpdcs9o1_500Ms. Swift’s new tunes have already sold close to $2 million in its first two weeks!

11-fun-facts-about-taylor-swift_her-first-job-was-knocking-bugs-out-of-christmas-trees.gif.pagespeed.ce.m9LlakGxnqYou go girl!

28468-Taylor-swift-lol-gif-OMBgOne of her new tracks, “Blank Space” is one of my faves.

I had to watch the video because I swear I thought a couple of the song lyrics Taylor is singing were…..”Starbuck’s Lovers!”

Yeah. No. I was dead wrong but I still continue to change the words while I sing it at the top of my lungs.

Watch here to see if you can listen to what I am talking about.

Happy Wednesday Darlings.


The Other Hubby


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