What Not To Say

99014716_tumblr_mj6vvskibv1r4cmzeo1_500Every couple gets into fights and disagreements, especially if your relationship is fresh out of the oven.

REA_pie_from_ovenThose first six months is often the period when you really start to get to know each other.

tumblr_nfoql0cEMb1ru4tifo1_500Since, we’ve all been known to say something that we shouldn’t have, I thought it would be a great idea to remind those single ladies out there….

What Not To Say To In A Relationship!

1.) “You are acting like your father.” 

If you had the pleasure to meet your boyfriend’s parents and have observedtheir own quaky characteristics, I suggest you keep them to yourself. Men get very defensive when their mother is talked poorly about and angry when compared to their dad’s negative attributes (like his temper of bullheadedness). Avoid anything that has to do with family, it is a sensitive area that should not be used as word-amo!

Dancing-Homer-Gif2.) “You are just so precious.”

Words that you would use to describe a new born baby or puppy should never be used when giving your man a compliment. Total turnoff.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-4869-1389010342-7 cute-puppy3.) “I wish you had a better job.”

If your man has a shit job than he probably knows that too. You don’t need to remind him how crappy his 9 to 5 is, let him figure that part out on his own.

wp16 tumblr_mwumhc7BPf1ql01e1o1_5004.) “You eat like a pig.”

Avoid calling your boyfriend out on what he ordered to eat while out in public. Let the guy enjoy devouring his his meal in a guilt-free environment. The best way to encourage your man to eat healthier is to introduce him to other options (that actually taste good) and not sound like you are judging him.

anigif_enhanced-2448-1400859038-12 Opening_mabel_pig5.) “That shirt is totally out of style.”

Some dudes just don’t know how to put together an outfit. If you want to guide him into “the best dressed” department than do it in a skillful and graceful matter. Have him try on clothes that show off his bod and that fit him in all the right places. Let him see the difference in wearing tailored shirts and well cut suits. If he likes what he sees in the mirror than he’ll trust you to help him in future shopping trips.

tumblr_meoq1k1L9p1rml5bco1_500 j7HJ03L men-in-black-deal-with-it-win16.) “I want like 10 babies.”

Slow your roll, sista! Wanting children is one thing but dreaming about being the next Octomom is another. Keep your baby count on simmer until you both get to that stage in your relationship.

octomom_strips_120714_wg7.) “Little guy.”

Never refer to your boyfriend’s penis as little. Ever.

n-PENIS-SIZE-large570Good Luck!


The Other Hubby

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