Bad Day Blues

1945703-white-world-map-outlines-isolated-on-black-background-abstract-art-illustrationThe world can be a crazy place. One bad day can turn into three and by the time you know it, your whole week has turned to shit.

tumblr_inline_mwqt391Xrw1rdobneWhy does this happen?

giphyThere is no black and white reason why life sometimes works out really good at times while other moments can feel like a dark cloud has casted over your days.

IMG_2843 IMG_2845 What you can do to get through those gray periods is to focus your attention elsewhere. You have to keep a level head and not overreact to the rain storms that suddenly appear.

7bc2bd626ba2e8188fa497c1c77d6f0aa7e10779ea63e0713112083f7d8ba8e0Are you good at managing your own emotions?

688847Angry_GIF_2Or are you a walking volcano ready to erupt as soon as someone or something pisses you off?

tumblr_inline_mrysc2ZDne1qz4rgp 76348-skyler-shut-up-gif-Breaking-Ba-HX9zTry and avoid feeding into problems that are not worth getting angry over. Whether it is a nasty coworker, a flat tire, traffic, a rude stranger, etc. Everyone has issues and challenges that you know nothing about. Instead of obsessing over how life is not working out, or how crappy your day was, concentrate on the areas that ARE working. 

tumblr_m8k04u04ld1rd7z3mo1_500We all want our life to go “perfect” but that is not a reality. Perfection is simply not attainable, everyone makes mistakes, life throws us curveballs, and hiccups come up out of the blue.

Out-of-the-Blue-1140You have to learn to let go of the idea that each day is going to go 100% smoothly. 

Some days will be super incredible, some days will be good, and some days will feel like dog poop.

Everyone has those monkey wrench moments in life.


The good news is that you are in charge of how you deal with those types of surprises.

i-got-this tumblr_m4avehCNMQ1qkhge7o1_r1_500_largeThe key is to take each obstacle in stride, not take every little word or action personally, and focus on what you can control.


You CAN control the way you treat others, the way you live your OWN life and the way you DEAL with the unexpected.

01-16-09-no-problem[1]Next time you are feeling frustrated, try to control your mind, filter through the negativity and cool down your anxiety.

giphyJust keep reminding yourself that the clouds always clear away.


The Other Hubby


One Comment on “Bad Day Blues

  1. This is amazing. This has helped me through my hard time these past few days. Thank you! Xo

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