The Energy Of Gratitude


You hear the word “gratitude” tossed around quite a bit these days. I often wonder if the people that use that word really know the true power behind it.

gratitudejournal-e1359688676693Yes, you can say you are grateful for your job, your house, your dog, etc but there is so much more to it.

I believe gratitude also stems from having moments of reflection.

waterThrough deep meditation, I believe you are able to capture the ultimate feeling of being thankful. It is about bringing your breathing and mind to a state of calm and peace and tapping into your inner core.


If your thoughts tend to wonder to the past, I suggest you train your brain to focus on how far you have grown and what positive elements helped shape the person you are today. As for the present, I think it is healthy to concentrate on the small joys of life rather than the obvious larger ones. The little stuff that happens in our daily life can often be the most fulfilling when you actually take a moment to live in the now.

When was the last time you really…

…smelled the aroma of a strong cup of coffee..

200_s…smiled back at the stranger on the street…

big_big_big_smile_WITH_LOTS_OF…held the door open for the elderly woman…

giphy…called a relative just to say hello…

d20be7ebb78437c6dae0234a35f4bc0aefc00c8d52f3eb2e519b48ef461971a8…sent a “just because” text to your boyfriend……danced around your living room with the music blaring…

tip-dance-blurred-linesGratitude comes in different forms but actually feeling the energy of being grateful is what will give you goosebumps.

Start living in the NOW and use your senses to soak in all of life’s happy moments.

You will be so thankful you did.


The Other Hubby

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