Chilly, Happy, Inspiring

We all need an Eat, Pray, Love moment at least once in our life. Stepping outside of your comfort zone and breaking free from your normal routine could be exactly what your mind needs right now.

FullSizeRender-41 copy 5Living in Los Angeles makes me appreciate my trips out of the country even more. What can I say, although Hollywood can be a magical fairytale land, it can also feel like a full time chaotic job! Whether you live in Tinseltown or not, I suggest taking trips outside the US as much as you can. Traveling puts so much into perspective!!

10932605_1027749480572310_817808419_nMay I also please add that LAX has one fabulous international terminal to get your next adventure off to the right start!

IMG_4316You can’t go wrong with store likes Fred Segal, Kitson, Blvgari, Coach, wine bars and more! I munched on these light salmon crispers with crab sauce at Vino Volo before hopping on my flight! MMMmm. Yum!

FullSizeRender-41 copy 7FullSizeRender-41 copy 8FullSizeRender-41 copy 13FullSizeRender-41 copy 12FullSizeRender-41 copy 11FullSizeRender-41 copy 10And for some crazy reason your flight is delayed, don’t panic!

This little message I attached to my suitcase says it all….

FullSizeRender-41 copy 6 FullSizeRender-41 copy 9By the time you know it, you will be up in the air flying the friendly blue skies….

IMG_4719…Coasting above historic and energy filled cities such as lovely, London!

10665613_1591323564434811_1037938370_n(Which by the way is the perfect place to make a pit stop for lunch at the super buzzy – Heathrow Airport!)

FullSizeRender-48 FullSizeRender-49FullSizeRender-48 copy 3Then in a blink of an eye – you are up in the air again!

FullSizeRender-48 copyTo only land at a far away land!

Flag 3d map of Norway, satellite outside.FullSizeRender-48In my case, it was a trip back to the rich country of Norway. This winter wonderland welcomed me with big open arms, a glass of wine, a furry friend, and a blanket of fresh white snow. What more could a guy ask for??

FullSizeRender-49FullSizeRender-50 10686828_297751457038459_8093959577799603171_nFullSizeRender-48 copyFullSizeRender-48 copy 3One of the many things I appreciate about the city of Oslo is that it is super civilized but also has a lot of old world charm. Look at these breathtaking pictures that should inspire you to book your next vacation! From the mountains of Holmenkollen, Olso Harbor, downtown, to the vibrant nightlife! I felt like I was on a chilly retreat!

FullSizeRender-52 FullSizeRender-48 copy 4 FullSizeRender-48 copy 5 10948680_324250191117215_1839541261_n FullSizeRender-41 IMG_4454 FullSizeRender-53 IMG_4459 10919065_787158554710879_1055554494_n FullSizeRender-41 copyFullSizeRender-60 copyFullSizeRender-53FullSizeRender-59 FullSizeRender-53 copyIMG_4452FullSizeRender-53IMG_4484FullSizeRender-59IMG_4485FullSizeRender-60I challenge YOU to start making a list of places you want to go this year. Do whatever it takes to make your special trip happen!


Flap your wings and go see the world!


The Other Hubby

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