Honoring Grandma

Light Bursting from CloudsSunrays Beam of Light CloudsA few days ago my boyfriend, Nick, lost his dear grandmother. She was one of those souls that would brighten up your day with just a few simple words, and would always make you laugh with her quick wit and contagious smile. Grandma as we called her, flew out to visit us four summers ago to see how our life was going in Los Angeles. This was a special trip for her as it would have been her first since 1986. We were so honored to have her and Nick’s mother join us for a week of sunshine and happy times. Grandma was a holy woman and loved us so unconditionally, always treating us like any other couple. She lived a true life of non judgment and believed that love and being a good person conquers all

butterfly_imageFor those of you that have lost a loved one, you can understand the roller coaster of emotions you go through. One minute you are crying, the next feeling “OK,” and then something so small will trigger a memory that leaves you overwhelmed with sadness again.

Nick and I have been doing our best to focus our thoughts on those unforgettable and joyous days in LA with Grandma. Her face always had a smile on it, especially when we went for dessert.

As difficult as it may be for those of you out there too, try and keep your thoughts in a place where you feel lifted. Your loved one is at peace and will always be with you, just in a different form. If you pay attention to the signs around you, they are always in connection with you, always thinking of you, and always watching over you. Stay strong.

tumblr_mwvu4db1q01t1zx3go1_500In loving memory of you, Grandma.

Love your “Sunshine Boys.”


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