What We Can Learn From The Kardashian Family


It seems that everyone has something to say about the Kardashians ever since they hit our TV screens in 2007. Whether that is negative or positive remarks, opinions of the Kardashian and Jenner family continue to flood all over our computer screens. They have televised their personal issues, fights, and eventfully luxurious lifestyles to the world with a wide-open lens. Now, I’m well aware that not all of you are keen to say you actually like all the hoopla surrounding them, and one may even proclaim they are the family people “love to hate.” But, is hating on them really healthy for you? With years of solid ratings under their blinged out belts and a growing empire, the Kardashian Klan is not going anywhere.

As I mentioned, some of you are completely turned off by their publicity whirlwind that crosses our magazine covers, news channels, department stores and social media outlets. I understand how that can be just a little too much at times. However, my opinion has shifted and I’ve put on a whole new set of glasses ever since Bruce Jenner decided to share his heroic story on his struggles and transition into becoming a woman. After watching his brave Diana Story interview and the recent E! Special following (About Bruce), we got to see more of a mindful, raw, honest, and deeper side to the family. They were not selling anything, promoting a product, or focusing in on the Hollywood glitz and glam side of things. Their emotions and unedited feelings were at the forefront, and we as an audience were able to learn and try to understand more about the transgender community and the hardships transgender families have to work through. Although, this topic may not seem relatable to every single one us at first, if you step back for a moment and think about what Bruce is going through than you may see how much it actually does. You see, it is not just about identifying your gender and watching one of the world’s Olympic greats go through such a controversial moment in the public eye. If you peel the layers back you will see there is a takeaway for every one of us. The Kardashian and Jenner family are making it a point for everyone to comprehend the power of being your authentic self and freeing your soul.

If it took the Kardashian franchise years of self-promotion and overexposure just to deliver that powerful message to world, than they have massively succeeded in making a bigger difference in our culture. Knowing who you are and knowing what your purpose is in life is something we all strive for, Bruce’s journey is highlighting the essence of just that. When you mirror your thoughts on Bruce back to yourself, his story should inspire you to own every bit of your soul and appreciate your sense of self. Your inner confidence and strong belief in who you are as a human being are tools you can use to succeed and make a difference in life. When your day is turned upside down and nothing is going your way, the strength of your inner core is what can guide you into a better and stronger tomorrow.

We are all put on this earth for a reason, and some of our roads are going to be more challenging than the person sitting next to us but we all can learn from one another. Every family goes through their own battles. The Kardashians are brave enough to let us into their homes and see how they handle, grow and deal with life’s ups and downs. The next time you get that urge to write something bad about them, I hope you are able to reflect back on this moment right now where they are highlighting a conversation that is only going to benefit and help people on a huge scale.

There is always going to be bad energy online as we are entitled to share our own thoughts but I challenge you to be more open minded about the Kardashians. They are not only making us think, they are bringing a delicate situation into our living rooms and at our dinner tables that needs the attention. You may not agree with them on every aspect but I am certainly thankful how they are using their platform for the good.


The Other Hubby


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