Posting About Your Relationship

Facebook knows when you’re in Love2

Ok, this article today from Jezebel is actually pretty funny (and spot on).

Take a look at a portion of their story and click the link to see the full article.

it certainly makes you think about all those “relationship braggers” who constantly post about their husband or boyfriend.

So obvious what is really going on.


Facebook Braggers Are the Least Secure In Their Relationships

A new study has found that people who make the biggest fucking deal about their relationships on the internet tend to, conversely, feel very insecure about their relationships. Take that, love.

The research, published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, examines the psychological mechanisms behind what they call “relationship visibility” and how that manifests on Facebook. In short, “avoidant” personality types were less likely to post about their relationships to the social network, whereas anxious individuals were far more likely to engage in deliberately trying to remind others that yes, they are in a relationship.


Do you agree?


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