Need A Skin Boost?

bathroomIf you are a fan of my blog, you know that I have a passion for skincare. I’ve always been super intrigued in testing out all the various products on the market ever since I was a teenager. Growing up I struggled with acne which was a low blow to my self-esteem, but taking control of my skin was a mission I wanted to conquer. As I got older, I learned different ways on how to  keep my skin in check (Praise the Lord!).

m jacobiI made sure to maintain a diet that consisted of many greens, as well as keeping a regular routine of cleansing my face.

IMG_4093Another key element in keeping my skin clear had to do with switching up my cleanser every so often.

Recently, I started using Alphaeon, a line that has a unique way to deliver nutrients back into the skin. If you want to improve the appearance and texture of your skin than I really think you should give Alphaeon products a try.

IMG_8587I ordered my cleanser, moisturizer, and eye cream through the aesthetician I go to when I visit Philadelphia.

Whenever I am working in New York City, I take the train down to Washington Square and get my skin looked over.

What else am I supposed to do in my hometown? LOL!

A-Bev-Sykes-from-Davis-CAHere is their info in case you are interested!

The office of Louis P. Bucky, MD, 230 W Washington Square #101, Philadelphia, PA 19106

(215) 829-6320

The good news is that the office is having an exclusive deal and will ship right to your door!

Give them a call to see if the Alphaeon skincare line is right for you!

Make sure to let them know your Other Hubby sent you.

((wink, wink))


The Other Hubby


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