Gym Motivation

mjA few months ago, I joined a new gym and let me just say that it is totally kicking my ass.

In a good way.

I am so motivated by the super fit people that go to this gym daily.

They are either training for a competition or taking their fitness to a whole other level.

At first, I was intimidated by the muscle guys that were three times my size, but I eventually let go of my own fears and got focused.

For those of you that are taking your health and workouts seriously, I am here to say….


It takes a lot of dedication and mental strength to stay fit, eat well, and be motivated regularly.

After cutting sugar and heavy carbs out of my diet, I noticed a huge difference in my body, but it is still a challenge not to indulge in something salty or sweet.

With that said, nothing makes me feel as good as seeing results. 

If I can kick sugar to the curb, I know you can too!!

You don’t have to derive yourself either, always allow for one cheat day a week. I promise you that whatever you treat yourself to on that particular day will taste even better!

So, whether you are a fitness fanatic or just now starting to improve your physical shape, I salute you for sticking with it.

Keep putting positive energy into yourself!

IMG_4211The payoff is SO worth it.


The Other Hubby


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