Enjoying The Airport

After spending the day in 115 degree weather, the sun finally made its way down and we were off to our next destination…


IMG_9826If you have been reading my blog, you may recall that my boyfriend and I met in the Windy City close to 8 years ago. Chicago will always be so special to us. We love seeing our family and friends that have been party of our journey all these years. Besides, Chicago is one of the greatest places in the world. You will find the greatest people, the most beautiful skyline, and the best food! #FACT

imagesSince, it’s still technically “Throwback Thursday” I thought this pictures was pretty neat to share with you. Back in my Chicago days, I starred in the “Giuliana and Bill” reality show where we filmed all around this fabulous city. Here is a behind the scenes shot of Giuliana and I filming a scene at the very top of the John Hancock building! The views are spectacular!

1935299_154981418537_2177131_nhancock_virginiaduran_5While waiting at the airport today, I got to thinking about all the different kinds of travelers waiting to catch their flights. Some people really seemed anxious, while others appeared to enjoy all the buzz of the airport.

IMG_9810The next time you are at the airport I want you to try something new.

Start to pay attention to all the positive sides of traveling. Too many people concentrate on things they have no control over, like delayed flights, lost luggage, long lines, security pat down, etc.


There are so many other good parts of traveling to focus on that will make your experience at the airport a little big more brighter.

IMG_5010Here are a few points to consider before your next trip!

1.) Observe the true kindness in the drop off line.

There is something so beautiful about seeing a genuine “goodbye” between one person to another. Think about the parents that send their kids off to college, two lovers getting in one last kiss, grandchildren hugging their grandparents, or best friends saying so long after a great visit. Talk about a sweet moment!

image2.) Look at the big picture while waiting to get through security.

Remember that the point of security is that we all travel safe. Instead of huffing and puffing about the slow lines, think about the hard working TSA people that go to work everyday to make sure nothing bad happens when you fly. 

BridesmaidsAirport3.) Enjoy a good meal and cocktail (or two!).

Restaurants in airports have totally revolutionized! Major cities around the world all offer delicious dining options and pubs that will make your layover feel like a real dinner date.

FullSizeRender4.) Spa it up!

Yep, XpressSpa locations are in over a dozen airports throughout the country. I took advantage of this luxury the last time I was at JFK! BLISS!!

564859_10152135901288538_1799149100_n5.) Find a spot to relax.

Whether you are sitting in one of those fancy lounges or in a quiet corner by your gate, the best way to travel is to allow your mind to chill out. Try not to always be in such a rush and allow yourself more time to move at a calmer pace. 

553926_10152197603003538_2001280810_n6.) Look forward to not being available. 

Just remember that once you actually get on the airplane and up in the air, you have the opportunity to disconnect to the world. Think of it as a mind vacation.

534761_10152197649813538_2079804057_nIt is all about perspective!


The Other Hubby

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