Be Comfortable With Happiness

IMG_5178Do you need a reminder that you are allowed to be happy?

Some of you may come from a place of chaos, so when good things DO come your way, you have a hard time excepting that it is your reality.

I get it – But, today is the day you wish those thoughts goodbye.

Take control of your destiny, the situation in front of you, and enjoy any form of goodness that comes your way. 

My dream for you is that you continue to get comfortable with happiness.

Not owning your happy days probably has to do with a couple bumpy past experiences.

You’ve just become wired for shit to always hit the fan.

Well, turn that fan off and be more confident that you deserve the best.

Make this week more special than the last and don’t forget to smile.

Happiness looks really good on you.


The Other Hubby


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