Block Out Negative People


Have you ever known somebody that just gives off toxic energy?

Does being in their presence or talking to them leave you feeling kinda yuck?

Negative people carry negative energy.

There are ways you can prevent picking up their bad vibes and stop them from ruining your day.

Check it out.

Sashay_Away1.) Don’t feed into their complaining.

Misery loves company so block their conversation by turning it around with positive words. Help guide them to find what is right in their situation rather than what isn’t.

giphy2.) Don’t always be available.

Whether it’s a negative text message or email from a Downer Debbie friend, do your best not to put any attention towards it. Use the delete button without reading the whole message. 

3.) Don’t make their problems your problems.

One thing you must understand is that other people’s issues are not your issues. Keep your mind clear by not obsessing over shit that does not involve you. You can’t change their problems, they have to do the changing on their own. Keep your life active and distract your thoughts from wanting to “fix” their drama.

4.) Block their social media.

Negative people love expressing their issues on their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Do yourself a favor, unfollow them. 

unfriend-gif15.) Connect with your senses.

Being outside, eating healthy foods, exercising, laughing, using your happy emotions, and feeding into yourself will help block out any darkness in your day.

Remember, you are in control so set up your boundaries and keep them in tact.



The Other Hubby

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