Sunday Morning Sizzle

IMG_5726Happy Morning Loves!

Whether you are off to church or just waking up after a fun night on the town, I hope your day is a relaxing one! 

I personally love a lazy Sunday as it gives me time to digest and relax my mind before the week starts.

Many people meditate but for those of you that are not into it (or just feel kinda silly sitting there), than I suggest you create your own form of “getting your zen on!”

FullSizeRenderTake this day to chill out and erase any worry or stress from your mind.

Here are few tips that will help you get ready for a more motivating Monday.

1.) Take a bath.

A long soak in the tub with essential oils and lit candles can do wonders. I know it is hard to do if you have kids running around the house, but carve out at least 20 minutes of quiet time once they are in bed. The warm water and aromatherapy will also help you sleep more peaceful that night.

IMG_55252.) Create your own mantra.

Find a prayer, short phrase or sound that you can say to yourself for a few minutes. This may not make sense to you right now, but the repetition will allow your mind to find balance. Give it a try!

IMG_55463.) Stretch it out.

A yoga class would obviously do the trick but stretching is something you can do while watching television. If you have been on your feet all week, give your legs and arms a good tug. Stretching helps blood flow and and is an easy preventative for those mid week aches and pains. Besides, this is something you can do with your hubby!

4.) Chamomile tea please

Drinking chamomile is said to soothe the nervous system. Instead of pumping your body full of coffee this Sunday, try taking a pause from the java and incorporate some calming tea. 

5.) Take a cat nap.

A short nap on a Sunday will only help with your Monday alertness.


The Other Hubby 


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