Straight Up


I have a different kind of friendship with my straight bros. Did I just use the word, “bros?” Oh. God. They are really rubbing off on me.


Some of these guys I have known close to a decade or longer (definitely before any of them got wifed up!). As much as I honor all the women in my life, I have to say that these fine gentleman have also played a significant role in my blog and overall thinking when it comes to dating, relationships, marriage, and so on.

post-15765-7ZVQThe bromance between my straight homies and I only grows stronger as the years pass on which I think is due to getting older (Ugh – older). Perhaps, we realized that our similarities balance out our extreme differences.

1328469461126_3043557giphy3They may not appreciate my obsession for Madonna and moisturizers, but they do acknowledge that I know how to serve up a FUN time.

tumblr_m4un6lWkrN1rwhq22o1_500At the end of the day, isn’t that what life is all about – a FUN time? 

Check out some of the things I’ve learned from hanging around my macho-man posse. For all you gorgeous ladies out there, feel free to take notes or at least enjoy a good laugh. 

tumblr_lv6tepYXWS1qb9pa3o1_5001#1.) Men Do Not Like To Be Late

Whether it is a movie or dinner reservation – men like to be right on time. They don’t like to rush, run behind or wait on you for 30 minutes while you finish getting ready. Their patience level when it comes to appointments and planned events is small.

tumblr_inline_n6pqpmnTLU1rkg7ly#2.) Don’t Use The Word Small 

Guys hate small appetizers, small beer mugs, small dogs, small cars, small television screens, or anything that appears too delicate.

sorry 2#3.) Silence Is Golden In The Morning

From the time they wake up, shower, get their coffee and head out the door, most men like peace and quiet. I suggest you avoid any major conversations during this time. Less is more while they get ready for work.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-4048-1387194903-0#4.) They Don’t Post Shit

Most guys I know are very limited when it comes to their social media activity. Unless, it involves their favorite sports team winning, a baby being born, engagement, marriage or “check-in” at their favorite burger joint, don’t expect anything more. Facebook has turned into something socially strange anyway and men are only on Twitter to follow porn stars, get faster updates on games/news and read bad jokes.

1277496422531i1sy#5.) They Love September

Football season brings great joy to their lives. Any kind of family event, special occasion, birthday party, etc will need to be planned around game days. The NFL has a full 2014 schedule online for you to view to avoid future fights. Bottom line – ease up on the social calendar during the month of September.

823841780#6.) Beer Pong Tables Turn Into Dinner Tables

As the years go by, most men lose interest in beer pong, kegs, and hangovers. Their priorities of day drinking change to the simple pleasure of dining out. Yes, a “talked-about” restaurant, chef or eating experience will be much more attractive to them than sitting around at the frat house playing video games.

I-Like-It-A-Lot-Jim-Carrey-In-Dumb-and-Dumber-Gif#7.) Their Hair Is Important

Once a guy finds a consistently good hair stylist (they may still refer to them as “hair cutters” by the way) or barber they will secretly rejoice. Men do not like surprises and want the same haircut over and over again. Whatever you do – don’t cross them on a bad hair day. #FACT

troy#8.) They Hate Being Sick

If your boyfriend or husband comes down with the flu than expect their whole world to turn upside down. Men can’t handle feeling ill or feeling achy. Sorry girls – this one you just have to deal with as most men are the worst when they are sick.

Im-dying#9.) They Love Gadgets

I always find it funny when a girlfriend/wife has a hard time figuring out what to buy their man. Dudes love gadgets, gizmos and anything with a power button.

blue_power_button-1280x720#10.) They Are Good Guys

I cannot speak on behalf of every straight guy in the world, but I can say a few words about the compadres that I know.

Each of them is hard working, respectful and smart.  Yes, they may say that their wives get on their nerves from time to time, but they will be the first ones to tell you that getting married “was the best decision they ever made.”


Bravo boys.

The Other Hubby

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