Insecurity & Relationships


A few of my friends are going through dating troubles and I could not help to wonder why such gorgeous girls (both inside and out) struggle in finding and keeping love.

finalI’ve had many talks with them to try and get to the core of the issue, but I started to figure out that their biggest hurdle is their lack of inner happiness and insecurity in relationships.

insecurity1These girls have great lives, good families and can hold their own when it comes to work and socializing but crazy enough, they go weak when it comes to men.

Insecurity can be so incredibly hard to overcome because it is something that brews deep inside a person.

Thousands of people can tell a girl she looks beautiful but if she does not feel it herself, than those words just evaporate.

So, the question is how does one work on becoming confident when it comes to relationships?

I brainstormed some points that I think might help with a situation like this.

1.) Get Out Of Your Head

I think a lot of insecure people live in their heads. They are overwhelmed with worry and concern what others think of them. The less you give a shit what anybody else thinks and focus more on your own self assurance – the better. You should not worry about what others think of your relationship, what matters is the happiness between you and your new boyfriend.

bench2.) Stop Creating Chaos

A relationship will never last if you are searching for something bad to happen. That is self destruction at its finest. You need to let go of the fear and guide your mind into a place of peace. Each time you think of a crazy thought, try and bring it back to a place of happiness. Don’t be the girl that looks for trouble. It will get you no where and drive your boyfriend away.

tumblr_mj9kmntxF81qcsk9zo1_5003.) Leave The Past Behind

Your past does not define who you are so if there are bad breakups that haunt you, I strongly suggest you put those feelings to bed before diving into anything new. It is not fair to your guy or your new relationship that you constantly compare them with troubled old times.

shutterstock_1470178224.) Don’t Complain About Your Looks

Focus on the good in you and don’t pick at what you consider to be “flaws.” Own your look and know that insecurity is something nobody can physically see so stop brining it to the surface. Surround yourself with people that make you feel strong and change your negative mindset about your appearance. Train your brain to think with confidence.

tumblr_mfj3tajCEe1rvbnyoo1_500You deserve happiness.

I’ll say it one more time.



The Other Hubby

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