Choosing A New Hair Style

Hey Girlfriendzzz!

wedding-worthy-hairstyles-new-bridal-hair-ideas-tousled-knot.originalIs it time for a hair-do reinvention or fresh new look?

From sun-skissed highlights to flirty cuts, the summer season always brings out the sexiest new trends!

hair-commercial tumblr_mznywdnqQL1s6hwyqo1_500 tumblr_lhmmwfjsce1qbe779o1_500Check out my tips on how to land the right style just right for you!!

red_hairTip #1 – Do Your Research

Finding the correct stylist is key. Usually, a respected salon will showcase their stylist’s biographies and experience on their website. Each stylist has expertise in certain areas, so take the time to read through reviews, press, and customer feedback. Also, a salon front desk staff member usually knows all the inside dish, so don’t be afraid to call and ask for their advice!

tumblr_m77sya7Ck61qih9giTip #2 – Bring Pictures

I use to work in hair salons throughout my early college years, and all my hair stylist friends raved about their clients who would bring in pictures. Go through magazines and cut out pics of cuts and colors that you LOVE!

tumblr_lgxsppfI3n1qzf0d9o1_500Tip #3 – Be Realistic

Nothing drives a stylist more crazy than a client who is delusional when it comes to wanting a specific trend. For example, if your natural hair color is jet-black and you want to rock the Kim K. platinum blonde look. That is a recipe for disaster. Stick with a natural color that simply enhances your existing hair qualities.

MorningGIF1Tip #4 – Be Honest

Before going through a color transformation, a good stylist will  ask if you have any grocery-store box color on your hair. Don’t be embarrassed if that is the case. People do it all the time. It will be a longer process to get exactly what you want as it will take time formulating and blending professional salon color.  Be patient and expect a heftier bill.

bad-hair-day-ivillage-620km110612-1363295449Tip #5 – Think About The Upkeep

A new haircut and color can make you feel like a million bucks but it can also drain your bank account if it requires a monthly appointment. I suggest choosing a style/color that is not high-maintenance and flattering whether you super style it or just woke up.

sdffsdTip #6 – Think About Your Face

One little piece of advice that I tell all my gals is to choose a haircut that goes well with your face. Think about the shape of your face and what will show off your best features.

Medium-hairstyles-2014Step #7 – Be In A Good Mood

Don’t go to the salon if you are battling a bad breakup or going through a major bump in the road. If you are having a bad day – – DO NOT TAKE IT OUT ON YOUR HAIR! Do you know how many times I’ve told my gal pals, “Don’t go cut off your bangs!!”

tumblr_n2ldk5MsK81sh0yuao1_500 same_dress8Tip #8 – Own Your Look

If you end up getting a fabulous cut or color than you need to WERK IT! Embrace your new look and be confident in the decision you made. Nothing is more attractive than a girl who feels as good on the inside as she does on the outside. Be proud of yourself and remember that hair is just hair. Inner happiness is the real secret to being beautiful.


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