Is Your Man A Keeper?

Sometimes my lady friends that are in relationships come to me questioning if they chose “the right guy” or not. I try to understand their feelings because often times they really did pick a crappy guy.

my-boyfriend-thinks-im-fat-how-to-lose-a-guy-in-10-daysThen, there are the women that do have good boyfriends but still complain! Talk about taking love and a great guy for granted!


This is why I decided to share some of my favorite things that make a man a keeper. I hope it reminds some of you girls out there to not overlook your boyfriend’s good qualities.

giphy1.) He Sends You Messages During The Day

Girls, I am a sucker for “just because” text messages. How sweet is it when your man sends you messages during the middle of the day just to say, “hello,” “thinking of you,” “hope you are having a good day.” Little checking-in messages throughout the day make a big difference. If your man does this than it totally shows you are on his mind.

i want to be2.) He Remembers Your Favorite Treat

Nothing should make your heart melt more than when your guy comes home with your favorite snack, dessert, or late night treat in hand. That carton of ice cream may not support your diet, but it does support his love for you.

giphy3.) He Knows How To Calm Down An Argument

Some of the best couples I know argue and disagree from time to time. Having a tiff can sometimes push two people closer together. If your man knows how to add water to your sizzling fire, than you know he is willing to deal with an argument  properly. The right guy won’t curse you out, say something to hurt your feelings, belittle you or make you feel like shit. He will rather help the both of you come to some kind of compromise and find peace in the end.

tumblr_mjs1l9LBo61s5yzomo1_500_large4.) He Starts Your Morning Off Great

Waking up can be a real bitch if you are not a morning person. If your man makes you coffee, leaves you a love note, drives the kids to school, or takes the dog out before you get up than you know he is trying to be a big help. Most men have their own morning routine down so if he does a little something extra in the AM, it is safe to say he is an all star guy.

coffee-gif15.) He Knows What He Is Doing Down South

Many of the ladies in my life talk to me about their sex life. I often hear about their nightmare bedroom stories and how the guys they date don’t know how to perform oral sex on them. How bad would that suck? If you have a guy that knows how to please you than make sure he does not go anywhere!

Orgasm6.) His Family Rocks

A guy with a great family is a huge plus. Don’t take that for granted because there are a lot of bat shit crazy mother in laws out there.

monster-monster-in-law-31169587-500-2097.) He Has Drive 

I don’t care what your man does for a living as long as he has the passion to work hard, provide for himself and his future  (if you get married, have kids, etc). If he has that career drive than he is a keeper!

01-Heres-Henry-Cavill-Working8.) He Has Cool Friends

If you man has a good group of buddies that is respectful to you and your relationship than that is a sign you have a good guy.

6-Ted-quotes9.) He Makes You Feel Pretty

Compliments are so important in a relationship. They are those little reminders to let each other know you still find one another attractive. Thank God for the men that dish out the compliments and boost the self-esteem of their girlfriends.

1zhvf9 handsome-guy10.) He Says I Love You All The Time

If your man is vocal about his love for you than you found the right guy. Nothing is more powerful than those three words. Be thankful that you have a man that tells you he loves you and shows you he loves you!

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The Other Hubby


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