Gay Best Friend Rules

Having a gay best friend can be the most intense, fun, comforting, beautiful, exciting, interesting, adventurous, and fulfilling kind of relationship you could possibly have in life. 

securedownload-4I don’t care what you say, the fact of the matter is that most gay men make the greatest friends.


It is one of the reasons that inspired me to create this blog.

securedownload-3Now, let me give you lovely ladies some advice when it comes to maintaining a gay best friend relationship.

It does not take much but the littlest things can really set us off.

Take a look! 

giphy-1#1.) Don’t lie to us. We can smell a lie a mile away. 

Gays spend years living in the closet and have mastered the illusion of acting like everything is fine. Don’t play that shit with us. We know all the facial gestures and distinctions in your voice when you are making up a story or bending the truth. Be as crystal clear with us as we are to you.

giphy-2#2.) Don’t assume we love fashion.

Just because you have found a gay bestie at work, don’t automatically think he reads the pages of Vogue. Some of us gays have other interests like politics, sports (yes, I said SPORTS), traveling, food, etc.

Vogue_Homme_Japan_Trippy_Tie1#3.) Calm down. We don’t want your boyfriend.

Even if your man is a carbon copy of Channing Tatum, it does not mean we want to jump his bones. It is a total myth that all gay men wish they could be with a straight man. PULLLEEAAZZE!

tumblr_m27nq0akLN1rntl15#4.) Don’t order us a cosmo. 

We are not going to sit with you and gossip over cosmopolitans and apple martinis. Talk about a sugar headache. That whole Sex and the City era has come and gone. I’ll take a whiskey please.

tumblr_m6q8kuY2tm1qa918to1_500#5.) Don’t treat us like an accessory.

We don’t want to be paraded around shopping malls like we are one of your toy poodles.

securedownload-5#6.) Lose the title.

Don’t introduce us to people as “this is my gay friend, _____.”

blinking_sword_in_the_stone#7.) Don’t set us up. 

Before I was in a relationship I had so many lady friends try to set me up with their “other gay friend.” Just because two guys are gay, does not mean they have anything in common.

bert-and-ernie-500x375#8.) Don’t ask us to do your hair and make-up.

Not all of us went to cosmetology school or interested in making you over. If your best friend is an actual pro than by all means ask for his help (just not all the time!).

Hummelberry_-_Rachel's_Makeover#9.) Don’t invite us to the suburbs.

City life is where we thrive, beach towns are where we bake, but the suburbs is where we snooze. Taking us to the land of minivans and fast-food joints is so not appealing to us – so don’t push it.

tumblr_lzittyQjMs1qevxcxo1_500#10.) Lady Who?

Not EVERY gay man likes Lady Gaga so don’t assume we all listen to her music.


The Other Hubby

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