Why Men Hate Being Sick

I am not a complainer. I actually can’t stand complainers. They get under my skin in the worst way. I always had this mindset that if you have a problem – you change it. If you are not enjoying something – than stop doing it. Really simple. Right?

Well, it seems that I got myself into a real “pinch” this week which made me take a second look at why men complain when they are down and out.

Let’s rewind to four days ago.

Life was going so well four days ago. The weather in Los Angeles was dynamite, my boyfriend and I spent the morning together at the gym, we cleaned the entire house later that afternoon and even made a delicious dinner followed by watching our favorite television shows. A slam dunk day indeed.

That night after climbing into bed and sleeping for a good three hours, I woke up  around 3:30am with a severe pain in my shoulder blade. It hurt like a b*tch and would not go away. I tried stretching, rubbing it out but nothing was working. I tossed and turned all night and could not fall back asleep for the life of me. I don’t know about you but when I don’t get any sleep, I turn into a completely different person. I become a huge grump and this time with a nasty pain in my back. Oh Dear, I woke up a complainer.

For the next two days, I made my boyfriend pick me up some over the counter pain medication like Tylenol Extra Strength, Baer Back and Body, and even those Icy Hot Pads that stick to your body. The thought of going out in public just seemed irritating and I could barely turn my neck around so driving was out of the question. I laid on the the sofa thinking to myself, “How the hell did this happen?”

The medication, heat, ice, and all that jazz was not helping. On day three, I was at a Code Blue Complainer Level so I buckled down and called the one person I knew would force me into going to the doctor. My mother.

I typically don’t tell my mom when I get sick because her answer to everything is to go to urgent care (bless her sweet heart, she loves those places). I knew she would be the perfect person to talk to (aka moan and complain to) because she knew exactly what to do next. I made an appointment with an Orthopedic Doctor.

Going to the doctor is a big deal for men. We just don’t like to go. Sitting in the waiting room takes forever, filling out the paperwork is dreadful (especially when you don’t know your families medical history) and than telling the doctor what is wrong just sounds like a lot of work. Let me tell you, I almost lost it when the man asked me if I had been in any “awkward positions” recently! I plead the 5th.

Thankfully, he was able to diagnose what was wrong with me and I have this cool x-ray picture to prove it. A nice pinched nerve in my neck. OUCH!

ouch x rayAfter a cortisone shot and some real meds, I was back in action. I could not wait to feel better, I was annoying myself! I got to thinking about that whole experience and believe I figured a few things out. I can only ask all of you women out there to take a minute and remember the last time your boyfriend or husband became ill.

I am going to take a lucky guess that he turned into a big old baby. The coughing, the moaning, the aching, the sad face all came out, right?? He does not want to go to the doctor, he would rather sulk in his sorrow and rest it out.

Why does this happen? Why are men such complainers when they are sick? Do they really hate being sick or is it a good reason for them to get some extra TLC?!

Trust me, men hate being sick.

Here are a few reason on why men hate getting the cold bug. It may help you understand why he thinks the way he does. You just have to deal with his groaning because that is just part of the package.

1.) Men are work horses.

Most guys I know don’t like to take time off of work because they don’t want to fall behind, use their sick days, or make that call into the office to tell their boss they have a cold. It just does not sit right with them. It could be part of that whole masculine image thing. They would rather bust through a week of work with a sickness and all than take three days off of work. If you see you guy moaning and groaning with a cold, one of the reasons is because they are dreading going to work but know they will force themselves to do it anyway.

2.) Having no control.

Men love being in control of everything. Whether they are driving, choosing a movie, or joining you in the sack, they like to be in charge. When their bodies go out and the flu hits – they lose it. They don’t know how to react.

3.) Going to the doctors sucks.

There is nothing fun about going to the doctors and there are some men out there that would just “suck it up.” Your job is to tell them that if they don’t go, their symptoms may get worse. That should open their eyes!


So, the next time your guy gets a cold, pulls a muscle, or is feeling down, I suggest you turn on your best nurse personality and show him some comfort. Get him some meds, make him his favorite meal, and most of all listen to his complaining. It will all pass. Once he starts to feel slightly better, he will snap out of it. Men love their set schedules so having a sickness just throws them for a loop.


The Other Hubby

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