A Food Truck Date

There are two things in life that will always make your man happy; sex and food.

cooking-timeYou don’t have to be a genius to figure that out.

However, keeping both interesting and creative can be  challenging for some couples. 

sandwich-monsters-funny-photos1TODAY, Let’s focus on food for a moment.

Are you tired of cooking dinner, over ordering the usual take-out, or burned out from eating at the same old restaurants?


I totally understand.

I mean, how many different ways can you cook chicken? Talk about overkill!

Well, I have the perfect answer to brighten up your hubby’s night and keep you out of the kitchen!

hallelujahPlan a date night at your favorite food truck! There are a zillion to choose from and they serve just about anything! From tacos, lobster rolls, burgers, burritos, grilled cheese, pizza, healthy bites to fancy French food@ You name it – there is a truck for it.

kabobmenuMaybe this dazzling picture of my dinner tonight will intrigue you! Say hello to a pair of delicious fish tacos wrapped in homemade tortillas.

These babies are from the SAY Fish Taco Truck.


DAMN, they were so good! 

The BOY-FRAN and I took to the streets of LA tonight in search for something new. Let’s just say we hit the jackpot when we found a row of eight food trucks lined up on Melrose Avenue.

Look at this scene!

securedownload-4 If your man wants something different to eat than you, he can go to the truck next door and pick something else out. Talk about convenience! That is exactly what my guy did. He opted for this savory grilled chicken sandwich from the Greenz On Wheelz truck.

securedownload-3Usually, there are three different kinds of food trucks parked by each other, so don’t panic if you can’t decide what to order. These mobile meals travel in packs. 

securedownload-1 The next time you are feeling frustrated about food – plan a date to a food truck!

They are cool, affordable and bring something different to dining out.

Here are couple websites that will help locate a food truck in your hood.




The Other Hubby

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