How To Take A Selfie

The word “selfie” has created a lot of buzz these days.

Whether you are a selfie lover or hater, you have to admit they are here to stay.

The rise of selfies first started when forward-facing cameras on smartphones hit stands.

I even became a little too obsessed.

My iPhone camera kicked my digital camera to the curb. Now, with the popularity of Instagram, Tumblr, and other photo-friendly sites you can use your camera to document anything and everything (including your face).

Just recently, The latest i-Phone 6s has made  selfie taking even more easier with its latest screen flash feature!

Apple has incorporated something it calls Retina Flash. When taking a selfie, the Retina Display will flash extremely quickly and brightly to provide an ideal lighting environment.



The question of the day is – How do you take the perfect selfie?


Check out my tips on what makes a successful selfie!

1.) Find the right angle. 

I have found that having your arm positioned straight and lifted right above your eye level will help compliment your shot just right. The further you are able to hold the camera away from your face the better because than you have opportunity to zoom in and crop to make a superb shot!

Selfie-GIF-Saturday-Night-Live2.) Hold the camera still.

Your selfie should never be blurry so keep your wobbly hand still to prevent it from making your mug look totally off.

tumblr_mtfgq9ClGu1rfeg4uo1_5003.) Find the right lighting.

Lighting is everything. You should take your picture with the sunlight hitting your face and if you can capture the beauty of natural lighting against your skin – BRAVO! Back lighting tends to show weird shadows and won’t highlight the features that make a good selfie (which brings me to my next tip).

tumblr_mstqhzIrfc1s75c57o1_5004.) Show off those eyes.

Tyra Banks said it well when she taught the world how to #smize with your eyes. Smizing is a technique that involves smiling through using your eyes and the best way to do that is to give your eyes some personality (sexy, sassy, flirty, curious, etc).

tumblr_m544fpBLZX1qze8f75.) Find a balance.

Another key in taking the best selfie is to either have bright eyes or a bright smile. You don’t want to have a huge teethy grin and crazy-smize eyes so balance one feature with another.

matt jacobi6.) Filters are your friend.

There are all kinds of fun apps with photo filters so use them to your advantage! As long as you don’t over-filter your pic than all will be good in selfie land.

m jacobi7.) Follow #Me!

Find me on Instagram @MattJacobi and I will follow you back!


The Other Hubby


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