Things Men Can’t Stand

99014716_tumblr_mj6vvskIbv1r4cmzeo1_500Part of being in a relationship is getting to know your boyfriend/husband inside and out. That means by the time you both reach your golden years, you have figured out each other’s quirks, daily habits and what drives the other one completely nuts.

o-COUPLE-ARGUING-facebookAfter speaking with my posse of straight guy friends and years of listening to my lady pals complain, I have listed the most annoying things a girlfriend can do to push their man’s buttons.


Damon-angry#1) Needing Too Much Attention

This goes out to all the women who crave too much attention when their guy is actually doing everything that he can in the relationship department. Whether he is working long hours, supporting the entire household or balancing five things on one plate, a guy can only give so much. Nothing will drive your boyfriend/husband more insane than nagging him  and making him feel like he is not giving you enough love. As you know, love is a complex emotion and there will be moments where your love tank will feel super filled up, over-flowing, half way full and close to empty. If you do feel like your other half is lacking in the attention department, than approach him in a way that is not negative, forceful or dramatic. Men respond to “emotional-type topics” different from women. Start a conversation with him that is not threatening but in a tone that allows him to respond and not be defensive. Guys hate feeling attacked especially if their experiencing heavy stress at work or dealing with other issues outside of the relationship. If this is the case, be understanding because his level of love for you will never change, and he will/should boost his attention toward you when all the other pressures in his life start to fade away. Believe it or not, men are not as good at multi-tasking their emotions as some of you gals.

tumblr_lmn0dik8i81qlqqioo1_500#2) Rushing Anything & Everything

If you have not figured it out by now, guys hate being rushed into practically anything. Guys start to break out into imaginary hives when it comes to meeting your parents, getting engaged, planning a wedding, having children, or buying a house. The thought of these major life events can cause a guy to totally freak out. Yes, our manly men go loco when their bachelorhood starts coming to an end so ease up on the heavy conversations. Let him move and bring things up at his own pace.  Men like to be in control with whatever they do and don’t like to rush things if they are not 100% certain. So, let them do the asking when it comes to moving in together or putting a ring on it. You don’t want your relationship or marriage to ever feel forced – let things develop naturally.

crazy-bride-1-e1312781040728#3) Complaining About His Driving

Guys hate the constant back-seat driving remarks while they are behind the wheel. I struggle with this every time my boyfriend and I get into the car. The best thing to do is put on your sunglasses and close your eyes until your get to your destination. It works like a charm. If his aggressive driving is driving you mad, than suggest Uber-ing it to your next date night out.

drunk-driving-gif#4) Using Sex As Ammo

Ladies, I just don’t get this one. Guys get so pissed when you act like your doing them a favor when you have sex with them. Getting it on is supposed to be a passionate experience between two people so don’t act like it is a chore.

808482#5) Changing His Routine

Men are creatures of routine and don’t like any monkey wrenches thrown into their perfect planned week. So boring, right? So, if you are needing to switch up his schedule, than give him some options and a decent heads up. Most men can’t handle last minute changes in a short amount of time.

Cn0YfFd#6) Leaving The Bathroom A Mess

Spreading out your lotions, potions, make up and maxi-pads  all over the bathroom counter will make your boyfriend’s blood boil (especially if it is his apartment).

hoarding-205-debbie-bathroom-before#7) Do I Look Fat Questions

Try and avoid asking him silly questions about your weight, hair and appearance. He is with you because he loves the way you look. Guys love girls that are secure in the way they look.

tumblr_mi11hefrmh1rybmzlo1_5002#8) Always Expecting Him To Pay

After months of dating, give his wallet and bank account a break. Don’t always expect him to cover each and every dinner. Show him you work hard for your money too.

tumblr_m2g9nh9xeV1qgcra2o1_500#9) The Guilt Trips

Try not to hold grudges or make your man feel guilty because he forget your six month anniversary. Until your relationship hits the 1 year mark is when you should start counting.

tumblr_m2b4mxTRrB1rtzo8wo3_500#10) Don’t Baby Him

A man needs to feel like a man so don’t talk down on him like a child.

tumblr_mlzugr2G7G1son1wyo1_500#11) Don’t Involve Other People

If you and your hubby are in a fight than keep it between the two of you. Calling your mutual friends and family members will only stir the pot. Work out your disagreements together – as a couple.



The Other Hubby

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