Be More Patient


You know the saying, “timing is everything.”

How often do you remind yourself to cool your jets?

I’ve learned through the years that many of my lady friends struggle with being patient.

Oh, and guess what – I do too.

This made me think about some areas in life that that DEFINITELY CAN’T BE RUSHED.

Do yo agree with all of them??

Kptrnra1.) Saying I Love You

Put the brakes on saying those three words during the early weeks of a new relationship. You can love your dog, love your parents, but can you really fall in love with some dude you met after two weeks? How about you get to know the guy! You don’t want to throw around the “I love you” card to just anyone. Keep it sacred. There is no need to put your feelings into overdrive.

Dianna_i_love_you_obviously2.) Having Kids

Being impatient about having a baby is crazy. There are some things that are out of your control. Whatever is supposed to happen will happen. Embrace the journey of trying to get pregnant with your man.

tumblr_inline_mqu1ku268n1qz4rgp3.) Anything Hollywood

Whether you want to be an actor, model, author, or the next Taylor Swift – you have to remember that landing gigs in Tinseltown is hard as fuck. It takes time, hard work, lots of rejection, and does not happen over night. If you really want to “make it,” you need to understand that timing is not on your side.

rs_500x273-140915204908-tumblr_m1s38pFw5L1r777xho1_5004.) Buying A House

This is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make. You really need to be prepared and super organized when buying real estate. If you are not financially ready, don’t push it! You don’t want to be “house broke” and miserable that you used every last bit of your savings. If you are able to buy house make sure you do your research and find the very best agent to represent you.

giphy5.) Buying A Car

Every Jack and Jill would love a fancy new ride but the truth is – buying a car can be a drag. Avoid getting obsessive about a certain type of car and how you would look in it. Don’t base your purchase off of feelings.

tumblr_mxzc4hOuMn1r5clboo1_5006.) Getting Married

Why run to the alter?? Marriage is supposed to be forever so make sure you are TRULY in LOVE before you say “I DO.” Divorce happens all too often because the idea of getting married “HAD TO” happen right away. Make sure you realllllllllyyyyy know the person before you put a ring on it.

giphy-facebook_s.jpg7.) Finding A New Job

It is easier to find a new job when you already have a job. It also takes networking and putting your resume out there. The grass is not always greener either. Make sure you think long and hard before making your move.


Take a chill pill and try to be more patient.

Life is weird. 

All will work out in time.

I promise.


The Other Hubby


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