Staying With A Cheater


Why do women stick with habitual cheaters?

This topic really saddens me.

I have seen too many young girls continually stay in relationships where their boyfriends or husbands have cheated on them.

Not just once, not just twice, or three times for that matter but over and over again. 

The fucked up part is that they can’t let go.

These girls become so codependent on the guy that it consumes them.

It fogs their thoughts, sense of clarity, and ruins any inner strength that they have.

Sadly enough, the thought of breaking up the guy sounds unbearable to them.

They simply cannot do it and go through stages of denial.

They also begin to eternalize and question what they think is wrong with them.

“Why me?”

“What is wrong with me?”

“What did I do wrong?”

“Am I not pretty enough?”

“What do I need to do to make him happy?”

Codependency is a severe dysfunction that does just affect the person in the toxic relationship but also the people around them.

Are you are a family member or friend that is seeing someone close to you go through such a battle?

It is going to be a difficult process until they get the help they need.

You should expect codependents to be responsible for their actions. Enabling codependents by mopping up after them or being sympathetic to their self-pity does not help. Codependents need accountability.

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The Other Hubby

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