Ups & Downs

Have you being having computer problems?

npEk33AIssues with your car?

glee-teacher-ginger-crying-car-sobbing-gifIs your cell phone acting odd?

anigif_enhanced-10810-1400526763-34Trouble in paradise?

tumblr_mjw7hsWuTk1qgvofco1_500Don’t worry.

We have entered another round of Mercury in Retrograde. Yes, that time of the year where everything goes to shit, communication goes haywire, and the people around you start to act 100% insane.

tumblr_m71477mUck1rxbygso1_500The good news is that during this wack-a-doodle time, you are supposed to be hit with an “AHA moment” of some kind, or make a mental discovery that will guide you through the months ahead.

865874Call it a personal revolution (yes, it is something to dance about).

rihanna-danceSome of you may be feeling completely overwhelmed with a dozen questions running through your head.

tumblr_m3xvkzEcZJ1qj0cw0o1_500Such as…

Is there something missing in my life?

780101What should I be doing right now?

tumblr_inline_mh9ctzGaVK1qz4rgpWhat do I need to do next?

giphyThese life burning questions tend to pop up when the universe is messing with us.

tumblr_m88yurwMvZ1rc6z7qo1_500However, I am here to tell you to simply enjoy what Retrograde brings your way. Don’t be annoyed with all the crazy miscommunication in the air or negative vibes you might be picking up on. I want you to appreciate the contrast of all the ups and downs.


Embracing contrast will give you a new perspective on that roller coaster of emotions you are on.

rollercoaster gif for GPE to KEThe balance between positive and negative moments is what life is all about. In order to love all those blissfully happy times, you must go through the rocky parts.

02_MVI_1704-river-rocksLife is not easy and you don’t want it to be.

Life-StorySo as you sit here and read this post (maybe rolling your eyes), think about one of your most crappiest days than compare it to one of your best days. 

Is there a message hiding in there?

tumblr_n5reh6cORL1qihh0eo1_500Did you have to go through that terrible breakup in order to appreciate your new wonderful boyfriend?

largeDid you have to quit that abusive job in order to find success in your new career?

fireworkDid you have to end a toxic friendship in order to welcome good people into your life?

tumblr_lm8a0oTm4k1qbm32lo1_r1_500Did you have to move away in order to appreciate home?

50l2xo7ib6f3mlxmyu7kh9j7n.500x290x14You get where I’m going with this.

Think about your goals, dive deep into your thoughts, and brush off those ruby slippers. Go after your dreams and be confident that whatever challenges get in your way is for a reason.

This too shall pass.


The Other Hubby


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