The Halloween Spirit

I am obsessed with Halloween and all the candy, costumes and cool parties that come along with it. Growing up, my Dad was all about getting into the Halloween spirit and would dress the four of us kids up for a night of full on trick or treating around the neighborhood. My Mom would wait for us to come home to go through the mountains of candy we had piled up on the kitchen table. The 31st of October was definitely a day we all looked forward to when we were young (check out the vintage Jacobi picture of my little brother, sisters and I back in the day. I was supposed to be a werewolf but looking at it now, I look like a teddy bear on crack.)

securedownload-10Halloween should be a happy time for families looking to make some memories but also a fun night for adults too! Costume contests, haunted houses, hay rides, themed parties, couple costumes, and more are all reasons why everyone should get into the spooky Halloween groove!!

giphyDon’t you all love seeing how original people can get with their costumes and how some just let their creative juices flow?! It is so exciting to see what people will come up with next! I have seen some crazy and extraordinary outfits in my time but than again I do live in Los Angeles! The West Hollywood Halloween Carnival is something everyone has to experience in their lifetime. From food trucks, drag queens, DJ’s and bar crawls, there is something for everyone. Trust me on this, you will never forget it. Go to this link for more information (!!

halloween-crowd-750x400-1I think we should all remember that Halloween is not an excuse to dress up like a hooker just because you are calling it your “costume.” We all have that one single friend who wants to “show herself off” in her “Sexy Cat Costume.” She is usually the same girl that ends up getting so hammered by the end of the night that her make-up is all smeared, her words become slurs, her clip-in hair extensions are found scattered on the floor, and she ends up going home with the beer belly “Fireman.” EEEeek!



Can we please get it together this Halloween?!!! If you have a friend that wants to celebrate this holiday by showing off all she’s got than I suggest you try and guide her in the right costume direction. Try to go costume shopping together and come up with a plan to not show too much skin. A kick ass creative costume is going to get her much more attention than trying to be like every other girl in a sexy nurse, sexy maid, sexy Snow White, sexy skeleton, or sexy whatever costume.


Lastly, Halloween night can get very cold so a lingerie inspired costume wouldn’t make sense anyway. How much fun can you have walking around feeling frozen?


For all my single ladies, please don’t use Halloween as an excuse to run into your exboyfriend in a hot little outfit. That is just so obvious. Enjoy your time with your friends and make sure your focus is only on having a memorable time. Please!


We can all save our hooker costumes for the bedroom.


Happy Halloween.


The Other Hubby

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