High Expectations

CR1ieNHVEAEwFcsFor all you film fanatics out there, you are probably already aware of why today is pretty neat.

Yup, today is the day Michael J Fox’s Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd’s Doc Brown travelled to in Back to the Future 2 in 1989!


It got me thinking about the way we think about the future and our expectations.

Would you consider yourself a person that concentrates more on what you want to happen than what is happening in your life right this very moment?

tumblr_msqvnuQK8H1sgl0ajo1_500Is it ever good to have expectations??


Not really.

 Expectations are often based on our own assumptions.

We either assume that everything is going to be perfect or we assume everything is going to go all wrong.

We expect people to behave a certain way or for certain areas of our life to magically fall into place.

The truth is that we have no control over what tomorrow is going to bring.

7fc47d38df917fdd39487573346eb3b7I believe that expectations set you up for disappointment.

This is why I encourage people LET GO of what they EXPECT to happen and go more with the flow of everyday life.

The more you concentrate on just living in the moment and deal with each present situation as they come, the less assuming you are going to have in your head.

Bottomline – don’t assume shit.

With that said, I still want you to DREAM BIG and have long-term goals.


But, you should not expect your goals to instantly happen just because you manifested on them.

Goals come to life when you put the effort in making them come to life.

You follow me?


The Other Hubby


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